If I change my soil grow to hydro, will it taste bad

There is sometimes a common misconception, that Cannabis or any other plant grown hydroponically using chemical fertilizer salts, must have a chemical taste, but this is certainly not the case and has been shown in many research studies that hydroponically grown produce tastes no different than that which is soil grown.

Plants that are hydroponically grown take up plant nutrients in exactly the same way as a plant does in the soil, no matter what the original source of nutrients (organic or inorganic)was, if you can notice a difference in taste, it may be you have not flushed or cured correctly.
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I agree. I don’t grow that way. But, correct in the concept of proper flushing even with soil cannabis. Is necessary. Curing is an art!
spot on done organic in soil and hydro no flush and they b harsh as a mug