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It’s all about protecting your hard work! I have motion detectors and video! No booby traps or electric fences!
But I do know some thieves that grow and they booby trap the shit outa their grow with steel spikes buried in the ground, long strings of treble hooks all around the plants. Guess they don’t want others to rip them off like they rip off them! Lmao
And this is why I use THCFarmer. I don't talk shop with anyone else. It can be difficult, with the sharing and all - but my experience is that sharing goes badly, eventually. People have died in my area, because of fucking google satellite mapping drawing bad folks from Philadephia, 3 thousand miles away.
Good start for a thread, Logic! The formatting is funky, but I'm using Safari so maybe its that. Solving the hot spot can be as simple as using mylar insulation - but the exhaust will be a problem unless it looks like a stove vent.