Smokinrav's simple water-cloning method

Good explanation. I also thought roots started in water were hydroponic roots established for water growing. Only thing I may have missed is ...when you place in styrofoam cooler with jar of water what lighting method is used?
I have a cpl clones that I started a few days ago in soil only. They are doing good. Currently I'm using a LED full spectrum, low heat emissions, low energy use. 9 watts. 24 hour under light.
Any input would be helpful.
Awesome explaining...
Funny thing is that i have done this to houseplants for many years ..All of a sudden we had to complicate things because it's erb....Thank you for letting us know about going back to basics.....
I am definitely going to try this
Bahs Creole
Awsome... I was always taught that those water roots weren't made to live in soil... boy I was taught wrong... :)
Great explanation.
Great explanation.
this and to tools in my tool box thanks you!!
Great information! Thank you!
Great info
I haven't tried this sytem but the explanation sounds easy enough and all the important elements are there. Why make it complicated when cloning can be an easy process?
Cool FAQ. More people should know about this simple method (well it all seems simple, but this one is basically free) I was wondering if you could clone herb with a cup of water because I remember doing a little "class experiment" in like 2nd grade where my teacher through a cutting in a cup of water, and it grew roots. Good to know you can do it with cannabis as well :)
Awesome man I knew it could be done just never got around to trying it! Props
Super on point keep it simple stupid system that the ancient ones used Im sure.
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