What are the basics of keeping a low profile?

  • NewbieTed
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Very interesting, especially if I were growing where it had not been legalized. I have a close friend who's a cop here and he said that legalization is the best thing as they are no longer allowed to use the smell of weed as grounds for search/seizure. He says that now that weed is off the enforcement table, he can concentrate on impaired drivers and insurance scofflaws.

Until last month, I was growing two plants more than the legal limit and he couldn't look at my grow. Now that we're legal with up to six plants, he is allowed to look!

I worry more about someone deciding to steal my pitiful stash, but I store mine away from home. Thank you for all the details!
  • Frankster
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A very dark but informative read.
  • jikjikkles
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Great fucking advice. Needs to be plastered throughout life
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Old school cool right here.
  • prospero
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Great info well put. Thanks Logic.
  • dre8791
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I always said that if you do a crime or something illegal tell not a muthafucking soul. You'll be surprised how much people you know and are cool with would rat you out. TELL NO ONE!
  • MrBulldops
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People tend to use too much social messaging these days and to be honest it is very incompatible with growing; even in a legal State as it opens up the possibility of burglary or worse.

If you care about your safety: keep it off Facebook. Good article!
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