What security tactics are good for outdoor plots?

Yes, location is important. The best thing is surveillance if possible, and not leading someone to your location. It's usually something stupid that grabs the attention of others, or loose lips.
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It's this simple......LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!
It’s all about protecting your hard work! I have motion detectors and video! No booby traps or electric fences!
But I do know some thieves that grow and they booby trap the shit outa their grow with steel spikes buried in the ground, long strings of treble hooks all around the plants. Guess they don’t want others to rip them off like they rip off them! Lmao
I truly believe that if you could get yourself in trouble you probably shouldn't be doing it. There are plenty of places you can move to and grow without worry. Otherwise, do it indoors and use LED's. I believe that would be much safer than outdoors if it is not legal. I am all for protecting yourself the best that you can.
Game cameras work gotta hide them well won't stop thieves but you will have very good video footage better than security cameras then you hunt them down an get some of your shit back
Like! Use corn, its fast, easy to grow & camouflages with other plants well:)
word it's karma that determines the harvest outdoors
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