Will my nitrogen source affect the PH?

Contributed by: diels alder

The source of nitrogen in your fertilizer affects the pH of the medium you are growing in. The standard of measure of how acidic/basic a source is, is calcium carbonate, a common water mineral. Calcium carbonate is the major contributor of water alkalinity, the capacity for water to 'soak up', or buffer, acidity in water and lead to a high pH.

Note that it is much easier to lower the pH of water through the acidity of a given nitrogen source than it is to raise it, as nitrates are less basic than ammonium is acidic.

Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 8.33.02 AM.png

Potential acidity = # of lbs of calcium carbonate needed to neutralize acidity of one ton of source.

Potential basicity = one ton of source has same effect as this many lbs of calcium carbonate.
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