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    Need help on chosing well

    That size tent 400 is best due to heat and output. Also u will need to train those plants flat very early. Go with 5 gal container. Due to container height. Also good air flow will be key, fans for circulation as well, I use a 5’ Tent for my clones to mature out before they move, I find the heat...
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    I need help and would love to be taunt an learn from anyone.

    Turn off the flower side of the led off to allow plant stretch and nodal development, at week 5 then use the veg/ flower lights together, and at flip use both sides up till week 4 then flower side on only through finish
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    Purple Train Wreck, Wrecked? WEEK 4

    Looks like the farmers set you into the right track! Great progress! Shows that time will set things right if you have a good set of instructions! Cheers and waiting on progress pics as u get along.
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    If I am using a Co2 tank with no regulator or sniffer

    If you can thread a hose into the valve side, output side, take hose and do a loop, 2 times in a X form kinking it twice, the restriction will allow you to open valve fully. One other thing would be to put a gas cock valve on the end of that hose, then u can open to say 1/4 on main valve and...
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    Lets see your 2019 outdoor plants!

    Suzy Qx GG4 f2, 41 days I to flower, started flowers early due to the weather pattern this yr. in ground 400gal planter plot hidden within tomatoes under a magnolia tree, did this on on a whim. She is Turning out very frosty with a fruity dankness, the trichomes are thick . One fear I ya e is...
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    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    GG1 week 4, pebbly as hell, waiting on the swell. But the trichomes are coming in heavy. Outdoors in a 45gal super soil. The damp weather is causing issues however with insect damaged bud rot
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    Infected broken limb. And how to treat.

    You can use latex white paint as a bandaid for future breaks. Make like a scab to prevent mold from taking hold. Plant looks healthy so I think u did great man!
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    Please tell me if this is good?

    It’s for flowering, to help grow larger bud, however, in my opinion a waste of money. But since u have it, the instructions are in the backside of the bottle, feed with your regular flower feed, just go a 1/4 dose then recommend and build up to 100% recommendations over a course of 4 weeks...
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    Questions about red and blue on LEDs

    It’s for uv, that’s if yr led has uv chips. But yes I do that as well. But never on any indica, they fasten and won’t fatten, sativa leaning all the time.
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    Lowering PH

    Keep it simple use lemons, yes lemons for that qty of water. No need to get exotic.
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    What’s up buds?

    Greetings from the 831 , welcome to the farm
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    Can anyone give me some advice on odor control? I don’t grow but neighbors do

    Most growers like myself for example have gone nose blind and maybe the case with the neighbors, I’d have chat with em. And yes those Carbon return air filters work great to catch offending odors
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    Help in making thc oil or salve for back massage and pain

    I’ve replied to your other thread