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    Problem after feeding

    Pick off the dead older fans, take it easy in feeding and yr numbers are conservative so you are ok. I’m more inclined to think it maybe environment and or just plain ol old leaves
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    Hello Ryan welcome to the farm, it’s a hermie bro, flower up top with balls under the skirt.... Not a good one to keep
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    Problem after feeding

    Some necrosis is evident , also coco, any cal mag being used? What’s the new growth look like?
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    First ever grow

    100% sure it’s a boy! Kill it or if u want more seeds Breed it! but it’s a male plant
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    Dire Wolf reintroduction

    Can’t find it , do u have a link to it or ur previous username?
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    First trial Autoflowering outdoor grow Middle East country

    Just a little light deprived, is it getting good light? Auto flower doesn’t need to be “12-12” Also a bit too wet. Let her dry out a bit before u feed, they all need macro nutrients, so a bit of molasses, 1tsp to gallon water. Ensure low ph water, 6.2 ish is where I wanna be when I use “hot...
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    Best Homemade Powdery Mildew Brew -- Actually Works!!

    Just milk and water is sufficient, the other stuff isn’t doing anything combined with lactose as they become inert. But I’m glad I got a solution that works for u!!
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    Williams Wonder

    Woot sounds like a fire strain! 👀 for it
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    Welcome to the farm!!
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    Are Plants Able To Absorb Calcium Phosphate Molecule Through Stomata via Foliar Feeding?

    Yes but calcium nitrate cal phos molecules are too big for proper absorption
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    Sog grow?

    Yea small 1-2 gal pots would be good if sog
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    got scammed trying to buy oils online

    Don’t buy online period. .....
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    Oh yeah

    Looking good !
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    Dire Wolf reintroduction

    Dunno I’ll check
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    Beginning in making bho

    Looks good to me. Go lower on temps, 90-95.