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    Divines Largest Yielding Gsc Crosses

    That plant looks amazing! What week was that pic taken? Hope to see nugs shots when ready...
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    La Pure Kush Crosses

    Hate to point out the obvious, but the LA Pure X GSC that are currently available must make for an amazing cross, I can just imagine those flavours combined...
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    Greenpoint Seeds 2015 New Drop - Stardawg Hybrids

    Pretty stoked to snag a pack of these myself.
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    Divines Largest Yielding Gsc Crosses

    thanks for the reply, I would have to think that there are some heavy yielding D pheno's to be found in there.
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    Divines Largest Yielding Gsc Crosses

    Cookie pheno?
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    Greenpoint Seeds - Drop - Late 2014

    Was Sour Lemon Larry OG Kush a cross (with SD?) or should it read Lemon Larry OG Kush?
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    Greenpoint Seeds - Drop - Late 2014

    ^ You got the last pack!
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    Anyone growing out hpxdsd?

    Is the DSD = Strawberry Cough female x (Strawberry Cough x ECSD male)? Was this a Rezdog strain?
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    main-line topping ******best method******

    Great thread much respek @clockworx Question. If going with 9 plants in 3 gal buckets in a 4 x 4 tent under a 1k, should I go for 8 tops or just 4? Thanks.
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    waaynes Organic Divine Genetics thread

    After checking out waayne's amazing work I have decided it's time to make the switch to organic. Thanks for all the info and inspiration you provide.
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    Tru Og X Gsc

    Looks bomb as fuk!!!
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    Your favorite strain...

    Bubba and OG and Bubba x OG
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    Inexpensive E-nail.

    Thanks all! So these peli d-nails are legit d-nails? Any experience with these?
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    Inexpensive E-nail.

    What's the difference between a D Nail vs E Nail?
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    Strain for anxiety plzz!!

    80 day Bubba Kush ftw.