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H.I.D bulb information

The following tables present data on a variety of lamps, allowing you to evaluate and compare their characteristics. Keep in mind that distinct light sources possess diverse light spectrums - some are more conducive to plant growth, while others, such as incandescent bulbs, are less effective. Plant development is significantly impacted by the quantity and color of accessible light. Blue light at approximately 450nm promotes root growth and robust photosynthesis, while red hues ranging from 600 to 700nm encourage rapid stem growth, intense flowering, and chlorophyll production.

An intriguing observation regarding PAR watts and lumens for MH and HPS lamps is their correlation, which exceeds 97%. This implies that, on average, there is less than a 3% discrepancy when estimating PAR watts from lumens for HPS and MH lights (considering the limited sample examined). However, it's crucial to note that this is an average, and the variance may be considerably greater for some lamps.

Hid bulb information

Hid bulb information
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