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How can I get rid of these whiteflies?

Whiteflies: clouds of tiny white insects fly up from foliage when disturbed, plants look generally unhealthy. Controls: sticky yellow traps. Insecticidal soap. Most general purpose insecticides, including neem, nicotine pyrethrin, Malathion, sevin.

Five Tbsp hydrogen peroxide, a few drops of detergent in five or six cups of water. Misted it onto all surfaces of my plants liberally every other day. Gone in a week and a half to two weeks, no more eggs on leaves in three weeks and they haven't come back.

Safer brand yellow sticky traps just got covered with little white carcasses, but didn't control population.
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  • TripsRabbit
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Bleach your drains, every drain in your house, regularly.
  • ozarkgrey
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going with the neem for a quick fix and kill off any chance. what suggestions do other offer with neem. good all around pesticide, every other day till problem is resolved ?

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