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How do I supplement my cannabis grow with carbon dioxide?

Carbon Dioxide Generators and Compressed Tanks​

Indoor growers have various cost-effective options for carbon dioxide delivery. One popular method involves using carbon dioxide generators that burn natural gas or compressed propane, producing carbon dioxide and water vapor. Alternatively, compressed carbon dioxide can be purchased in 5, 20, 35, and 50-pound tanks at welding supply stores. To release carbon dioxide at proper intervals and maintain consistent levels, growers need a tank regulator, an infrared sensor, and/or a sequential timer.

The suggested carbon dioxide supplementation ranges from 1000 to 2000 ppm, depending on light intensity. This supplementation should be provided from germination or during the rooting of cuttings through final maturation. Plants grown in a carbon dioxide-enriched environment develop larger stomata, enhancing their photosynthetic ability when fully developed. Supplementation also delays maturation by stimulating additional growth instead of ripening. It is crucial to continue supplementation until the final moment and during the curing and drying process to promote further metabolization.

Accurate Monitoring Systems​

An effective way to ensure accurate carbon dioxide monitoring is by using a Green Air Products digital ppm carbon dioxide controller connected to dual aluminum tanks. This system offers the most precise and adaptable monitoring capabilities.

Balancing Light Intensity, Temperature, and Carbon Dioxide Levels​

Under higher light conditions (above 50 watts/square foot), plants can utilize increased carbon dioxide levels, especially during vegetative growth when temperatures can rise to 90 degrees. During this stage, carbon dioxide levels should be maintained between 1600-2000 ppm. However, when buds start to fill in, it is recommended to lower temperatures below 80 degrees and reduce carbon dioxide levels to 1000-1200 ppm. While higher temperatures are necessary for plant metabolism to fully utilize increased carbon dioxide levels, they can deteriorate cannabinoids in the resin glands.
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