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MisterIto's organic nutrient formula

Atami B'Cuzz Root Stimulator: 4ml/gal, weeks 1-4
Atami B'Cuzz Growth Stimulator: 4ml/gal, weeks 1-4
Atami B'Cuzz Bloom Stimulator: 4ml/gal, weeks 3-?
Botanicare Pure Blend Grow: 2.5-5ml/gal, weeks 3-4
Botanicare Pure Blend Bloom: 2.5-5ml/gal, weeks 5-?
Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Grow: 2.5-5ml/gal, weeks 1-4
Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Bloom: 2.5-5ml/gal, weeks 3-?
Citric acid: used to lower ph
Doc's Products Carbon Max Growth Enhancer: 7.5ml/gal, weeks 1-4
Doc's Products Carbon Max Bloom Enhancer: 7.5 ml/gal. weeks 5-?
Earth Juice Catalyst: 2.5ml/gal, weeks 7-?
Earth Juice Essential Spray: 2.5ml/gal, weeks 7-?
Earth Juice MicroBurst: 5ml/gal, used if needed
FoxFarm Big Bloom: 5ml/gal, weeks 5-?
General Hydroponics Diamond Nectar: 30ml/gal, weeks 1-?
Hydrated lime: used to raise ph
Hydrogen peroxide: 30ml/gal, bi-weekly
Nitrozyme: 2.5ml/gal, weeks 1-?
NutriLife SM-90: 3ml/gal, weekly
Tropical Organics BananaManna: 15ml/gal, weeks 5-?
Tropical Organics CocoCat: 2.5ml/gal, weeks 1-?
cider vinegar: used to lower ph

To give a better picture of corresponding plant development, I will outline my typical crop timeline. The first two weeks consist of the clones or seedlings acclimating to their transplant to a General Hydroponics Aerolflo. At that point, they are usually 4-8 inches tall and are switched to a 12 hour dark period from the beginning of the third week after transplanting until they mature. I change my nutrient solution every two weeks.

All of the different products I use have unique ingredients, which is why they were purchased. The differing sources that were used to derive the macro and micro nutrients add additional auxins, enzymes, hormones and other compunds unique to that particular organic material. The addition of otherwise unpresent organic compounds is beneficial throughout the life cycle. I agree using them all is not necessary. However, I have made everything work together quite well and if anyone is interested in an individual product, they now have general guidlines for using it.

I maintain my solution at 500-1000ppm, depending on growth stage. Young, established seedlings or rooted cuttings are started at 500-600ppm. The TDS is increased to 800-900ppm during peak vegetative growth. During the transition from early to heavy flowering, TDS is further raised to 1000ppm. It is then reduced to 400-500ppm during the final 2 weeks of flushing. I maintain my ph between 5 and 5.5, which usually requires little to no adjustment due to the high buffering capacity of the organic supplements. My dosages are not excessive or stressful, as is demonstrated by my plant's health.
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