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Mixing and Preparing Earth Juice & Maxicrop for Cannabis Feeding

When it comes to nourishing plants, Earth Juice has proven to be a highly effective solution. However, to ensure that it works effectively, it is important to take certain steps before using it. One of the most crucial steps is to thoroughly blend and circulate the mixture for at least 24 hours. This process helps to ensure that all the ingredients are well blended and that the nutrients are evenly distributed.

To achieve optimal results, it is also recommended that you use a lightproof reservoir with a lid, such as a black 5-gallon bucket and lid. This type of container can easily provide nourishment to 10 plants in 2-gallon pots. Additionally, to keep the mixture circulating, you can use a high-volume aquarium water pump or a bubble curtain and high-output air pump. These tools help to keep the mixture well-mixed and ensure that the nutrients are being distributed evenly.

In terms of ingredients, the Earth Juice mixture should be adjusted based on the growth phase of the plant. For plants in the vegetative stage, the following ingredients should be mixed per gallon of water: 1-2 tablespoons of EJ Grow, 1 tablespoon of Maxicrop Liquid Seaweed, 1 tablespoon of EJ Catalyst, and 1 teaspoon of EJ Bloom should be added every other feeding. This mixture provides the necessary nutrients to support healthy growth during this stage.

If you want to enhance the effectiveness of Earth Juice Grow, you can add 1/2 cup of high N guano to your soil when planting. In this case, reduce the amount of EJ Grow to 1 tablespoon per gallon. During the flowering stage, adjustments should be made to the Earth Juice mixture based on the growth phase of the plant. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your plants receive the necessary nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy.

In order to maintain healthy growth and development of your plants, it is important to provide them with the necessary nutrients and supplements. To achieve this, we recommend using a combination of Bloom, Maxicrop, EJ Catalyst, and EJ Grow in specific quantities.

For every other feeding, add one tablespoon of Maxicrop and one tablespoon of EJ Catalyst to the soil or water. Additionally, include half a tablespoon of EJ Grow to ensure that your plants receive the necessary nutrients for optimal growth. However, it is important to monitor the health of your plants, as early yellowing of bottom leaves may be an indication of overfeeding. In such cases, adjust the amount of supplements accordingly to prevent any damage to your plants.

By following this recommended feeding regimen, you can ensure that your plants receive the necessary nutrients for healthy and robust growth. So, be sure to incorporate these supplements into your plant care routine to keep your plants thriving and looking their best.
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