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The merits of transplanting seedlings deeply

Contributed by: Uncle Ben

Being that tomatoes should be planted as deep as possible because of the profuse root growth that is induced along the buried stem, I did an experiment with cannabis to see if the same holds true. I treated my experimental cannabis seedlings the same way I do my tomato seedlings - I pinched off side branches and only left foliage located at the topmost node. I left the seedlings alone for a day to allow the injured points to callous over and then buried them right up to their topmost leaves, whereby the leaf sets were actually laying on the soil's surface. Month later I carefully uprooted the plants, gently washed the soil off the root-ball and confirmed my expectations; the buried stem was covered with healthy roots.

Caveat; don't try this on a very young seedling that may still be susceptible to damp-off disease.
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