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    Greetings from some Northern Prairies

    Welcome phunka! Are you growing indoors or outdoor?
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    Heavy Users - Cbd

    Hey Conor, good questions. Thc works well for some, or poorly in others. Same thing for Cbd. The best studied effects of Cbd are anti-inflammation and anti-anxiety at doses from 150-600mg. As you may know cbd is non-psychoactive and would not impair you. If thc is like Tylenol 3’s, think of cbd...
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    Hello from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

    Hey Shawn welcome. Are you planning an outdoor or indoor grow?
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    Mimed’s Perpetual Thread

    Top notch work MedGrower! How much popcorns do you get with your style? Do you lollipop at all?
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    Hi I’m David! Organic No Till Grower

    Welcome David, nice plants. Are you using a super soil recipe?
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    Any Plumbing Whiz Kids Here?

    If your not comfortable cutting the copper pipe with a hacksaw, stuffing bread into the pipe to stop the leaks and welding it back up with a torch and silver solder I’d recommend just calling a professional. Get them to put in the drain too, make sure you can snake it out for when it plugs.
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    Welcome to the farm OSD. Will you be starting a grow log with pictures? I’d love to learn about a new technique to grow. What’s so special about it?
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    So I Saw This Farm Off Exit 420 On The Information Superhighway......

    Welcome aboard man! Looking forward to following your grow journal. Nice plants.
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    If you have chemistry questions....

    Certainly. For your consideration; [\url] I also made a thread for discussion with a summery on the article. [URL]“-cannabinoids-grown-from-yeast.103073/ Pretty amazing...
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    Hemp Grow 2019

    Looking good Diesel. I’m excited to see your field fill up! Can you tell us what genetics your using for this years crop?
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    Hemp Grow 2019

    Have you considered a 4 bolt pipe flange and full face gasket? That would be a rigid solid connection that could be taken apart for maintenance. A reducer bushing can be added to get to your desired pipe size. Putting some petroloum jelly on the rubber gasket will help it from drying out...
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    Free Seed Begging

    I agree, you get what you pay for (free). I believe the seeds came from commercial hemp stock bred for grain production. For high quality seeds why not support the thc farmer store? There are several options available for 60-75$ in packs of 12-15 seeds. 60$ % 13 seeds = 4.62$ per plant. You...
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    Got Calcium? Hope So

    Good write up thanks for sharing. Could you explain this section of the linked article? “The upper tolerance of calcium for plants is not known, and most fertigation programs call for a concentration between 150 and 300 ppm extractable from the growth media or in solution. Be mindful: Calcium...
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    Hemp Grow 2019

    Think of CBD as ibuprofen vs. THC like Tylenol 3’s. CBD isn’t psychoactive, isn’t as powerful as THC, and won’t get you high. CBD can have anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, or anti-seizure effects depending on dosage and how your liver metabolizes it. For some people it helps, others it does...
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    This Be How Dirbag Do...

    Nice work Dirtbag, looks like a great harvest. What temperature/ technique did you use to bring out all that amazing color?