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    New Can filters seem not packed right

    So I found out what's going on with these filters. And I don't think it is limited to just the can brand. Apparently some of these filters are being refurbished and refilled with new carbon not that that is a bad thing but they are not filling them up all the way or not packing them right and...
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    Nanolux New 1000 Watt Low Frequency Cmh Fixture Available Soon.

    I've been running the ebmboom 1000w cmh lights from Alibaba for about a year now and had no problems up until about four months ago now the ballast are dropping like flies I've had five of them fail on me in the last 4 months. I sent one of the failed ones back 4 months ago and they still have...
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    New Can filters seem not packed right

    So I've noticed the last can filter I bought the carbon seems to be loose and not Packed tight you can hear it when you shake it like it's not filled all the way up I'm afraid to install it and have odor leaks.
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    Vero29 Cobs Per Sf?

    Here is my 12 plant 6 1000w cmh lights each turned down to 860w. I should have lowered the hoods closer to the plants but I didn't know how much cooler the lights were compared to the DE HPS bulbs i was running.
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    Vero29 Cobs Per Sf?

    So one 100w cob would cover 2 square feet with 90 dgree Lenses @ what hight from the plant canopy? So it's looking like 600 watts will cover a 4x4 area for tree like plants
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    Vero29 Cobs Per Sf?

    I'm not worried about the heat with 5 tones of mini split AC at my disposal. I would be if I was still running DE hps bulbs though. Also I need to State I grow large trees (8-9 week veg) so penetration is a must for the canopy.
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    Vero29 Cobs Per Sf?

    Cob growers what's the optimal square foot coverage say for a 4x4 area Per 100w cob or what ever is the highest rated wattage cob. I'm running 1000w cmh lights but want to start tinkering around with DIY cobs.
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    315 Cmh/lec How Many Per 4x8 Have You Ran

    My first run with 12 1000w cmh in very large hoods turn down to 860w. 18 plants in this room.
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    Transitioning From Dtw Coco Coir To Rockwool

    That looks like my smartbee graph. I water every 24 hours in veg. In a 50/25/25 Coco croutons/ricehulls/coco pith mix. And 3-4 watering in flower in 7 gallon pots. I set the Threshold at 40% water content if it drops below 40% the pump will kick on for 20 seconds. Until the regular irrigation...
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    Transitioning From Dtw Coco Coir To Rockwool

    I couldn't keep my room cool enough for RW, I was getting this yellow fungus in the root zone even with 65f rez temp feedings and dry cycles with DM zone was no match for this yellow fungus shit. Now back in coco and no problems.
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    1000w Cmh Bulb

    I got these same ballast and bulb, but different hood. If using a xxl open hood make sure it's 6kv. I'll let y'all know how it goes.
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    deficiencies in coco i need help

    is there anyone growing in coco that are having nute defs?
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    8k flowering room how big?

    hi im new here and am planing a new room with 8k of lighting and decided to come here for help. so i hope im in the right place. iv been growing in a 10x10 room with 8 plants (chronic) for a year now and it gets really crowded in the room to the point i have to craw around on the floor to...