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    Pm And Spider Mites In 5th Week Of Flower

    liquid ladybug made by Ecovie , no e generations of spraying
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    most def. my boys were hot about a press
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    . definitely a little wait time , the hobby is on fire in return keeps them busy . But its worth the wait , One lesson learned is I'll order long before needed ! lol
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    it will , I went through the same thing , I believe he is just overwhelmed with orders that just takes a bit ,
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    yeah , I just jumped the gun , before I got the light out of the box , its a extra foot , all good and rocking ' thanks !
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    My ladies , Rocking the 2 new 260's just came in today ,
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    question my friend , I just got 2 of the 260's today , I got a dumb question , whats the black knob used for ?
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    quantum boards

    ahh they finally made it ! now till its time !
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    quantum boards

    they must , must be a great product , well any way , I just got confirmation that their on their way ! woohoo , been a long wait , checked tracking # nothing showed up , but will give it a little while ,
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    quantum boards

    who else carries them ?
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    quantum boards

    I don't mind a little wait , as I'm still rocking the blurples , but its been quite more than a month , and been paid for . At the very least keep in contact with your customer when they contact you .
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    quantum boards

    well got to excited to soon , said he anticipating them being shipped on Monday ( today ) and would get a tracking # , but nothing yet , e - mailed him a few hrs. ago . This order went in on 3 - 27 th. he replied Happy Growing , 28 th he said it'll be a strong 2 weeks , here we are its 4 -...
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    quantum boards

    He returned my call earlier , apologize for the long delay , said they'll be out in a few days , So thats great news , Great to hear back from him after so long , so no harm no foul . Thanks for all your replies ! Itching to try these sweeties out !
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    quantum boards

    Yes about 4 times , don’t want to be a est , jus i just called a half hr ago . I got his voice mail saying he’s either helping other customers or it’s aft store hours . Said leave name and number and they’ll get back to me . Well this was at 3 so I don’t think their closed .