CBD products are taking the world by storm. Gummy type products and creams have been around for a whole – but so strong has been the growth of the industry (and customer demand) that many companies are now thinking out of the gummy bear and ointment/tincture boxes.

CBD is non-psychoactive and is now making it into a wider variety of products such as those in the beauty arena and even making it into some fast food offerings like the ubiquitous cheeseburger.

CBD has now gone mainstream, with many consumers now embracing it as part of their lifestyle – especially when it comes to issues of health. In years past taking a multivitamin supplement was something that people gulped down with their morning orange juice. Now those supplements might very well contain CBD extract. But CBD is now more than just a morning supplement – or for that matter something like a traditional medication.

People are indulging in CBD infused products throughout the day. There are the aforementioned burgers, snack bars, smoothies and a huge variety of CBD enhanced foodstuffs on the market.

The evening might see people soaking in a hot bath where products that contain CBD enhance the bathing experience. The number of products on the market is growing so rapidly that identifying which is most effective in delivering the benefits of CBD can be a challenge.

So many options
It may have escaped the notice of many but consumers now have more choice than ever before when it comes to CBD infused products. Gone are the days when snacks like CBD gummies and ointments were the limits to the CBD experience.

Manufacturers have taken note of the popularity of CBD products and aggressively expanded their product offerings. Today one can enjoy the benefits of this non-psychoactive chemical in a number of different ways.

There are products aimed at the beauty market – and an increasing number of food items (including some intriguing fast food options) to ensure that consumers can enjoy the CBD product of their choice.

Today taking CBD is the norm, rather than the exception for those who are focusing on a healthy lifestyle. Taking CBD supplements has now become so routine that the products may very well rival the traditional multivitamin as a way to round off a healthy morning – taken at the same time as enjoying that glass of ice-cold orange juice and a bowl of muesli. But enjoying the benefits of CBD has now also become an all-day event – and not just because of gummies and power bars – or even some of the CBD infused fast food burgers that are now reaching the market.

Even bathtime can involve a soak in water treated with a CBD product designed for a relaxing bathing experience. However, the profusion of products means that finding the right one can be challenging.

Methods of taking CBD
The President of ‘High Falls hemp (A New York CBD company), Rick Weissman says that the key to finding the most effective way to understand CBD how CBD affects the individual is to realize that people different delivery methods suit different people.

He remarks that clinical trials show that inhalation and sublingual (under the tongue) absorption of CBD is most effective at delivering its effects. It is for these reasons that vaping and placing of tincture under the tongue are so popular – they deliver the CBD straight into the bloodstream

According to Weissman these methods are superior due to fast and effective delivery, as opposed to CBD gummies or even supplements which first have to be processed in the stomach and gut. Inhalation and sublingual absorption also beats ointments and creams as far as effectiveness and absorption are concerned due to the fact that the CBD must migrate across the skin barrier before reaching the bloodstream.

However, personal taste also plays a part in preference. For many people vaping is a habit that they do not enjoy and the feeling of placing something under their tongue is discomforting.

If it were not for the variety of new products hitting the market these people would very likely not experience the benefits of CBD. Weissmann of the opinion that anything is better than nothing’ – users need to find a method of application that suits their unique lifestyle and tastes.

Another challenge that consumers may face is that there is no ‘official’ guide to appropriate CBD dosage. Effects may vary according to a variety of factors including body weight, medical status and dietary habits (among other factors).

Weismann was quick to emphasize that everyone’s CBD experience is different. It depends on both the dosage and delivery mechanism. The best advice is to experiment until you find the right product – and the dose that matches your expectations.

Trying CBD for the first time?
For those who are starting to explore the benefits of CBD Weismann advises first trying a tincture. This delivery mechanism provides a great insight into what CBD is capable of as far as the benefits are concerned. It is easy to consume as it is simply a matter of placing a dropper of oil under the tongue and holding the CBD oil there for around a minute prior to swallowing.

The first few times it might feel a little strange – but the CBD has direct access to the bloodstream while it is held under the tongue. Even though dosage has not been subject to rigorous scientific study (although there are studies underway) most of the products will have instructions regarding optimal dosages.

Then it’s time to experiment with different doses to see what works. Also, the consumer can find out what frequency of dose is best for them. If, at this point, the user should feel uncomfortable with the product that they are using it might be best to consult with a doctor or healthcare advisor.

It should not take very long to find out which dose works best for you. Once you are armed with that information you can begin to explore the various products that are on the market. Some investigation will reveal which product is best for your lifestyle.

A busy executive will not want to go outside of the office for a vaping experience, but would rather have a pack of CBD gummies on his or her desk. Find your niche – exploration can be half the fun.

Supplements are also great – and they are easy and convenient to carry around – seeing as they fit easily into a briefcase or purse for those times when you feel in need of a little CBD infused help dealing with your day.

If you are struggling to find the right product do not despair. New CBD products are hitting shelves all over the country on an almost daily basis. It’s like waiting for a bus – don’t worry, another one will be along shortly.