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The Ripple Effect of Ignorance on the Safety Standards in the Legal Cannabis Sector

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As journalists, we often find ourselves delving into unsightly truths. In the realm of legal cannabis, a myriad of concerns shadows the otherwise...

Cannabis Breeding and Parkinson's Disease: Christopher Lynch Sheds Light on his Journey to Finding Relief

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Among the most famous cannabis breeders in the world is Christopher Lynch. He's acquired quite a name for himself with his impressive selection...

NFL-funded study will test benefits of cannabis for athlete injuries

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A new study, funded by the NFL, is exploring whether cannabis could provide pain relief and faster recovery for injured athletes. Anecdotally...

5 Ways Medical Cannabis Can Help People With Diabetes

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Type I diabetes can be an inherited disease. But Type 2 diabetes is a preventable chronic disease, with lifestyle changes including balanced...

Using Cannabis to Aid Physical Recovery

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Purposeful cannabis consumption starts with the question: why do you use cannabis? For example, many athletes and active adults use cannabis or...

Sleep and CBN: What we really know about the buzzy cannabis compound

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As soon as my head hits the pillow on stressful nights, my brain becomes a windy race track, thoughts zooming by at 100 mph, commanding my...

New Study Reveals Over 90% Of Rolling Papers Contain Heavy Metals

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Blunt and joint smokers around the world may want to consider spending a bit extra to get higher-quality papers from now on. New research shows a...

FDA Approves GW Pharmaceuticals Epidiolex to Treat Tuberous Sclerosis Complex

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CBD drug Epidiolex received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to treat seizures associated with a third medical condition...

Probiotics And Cannabis: Whats Up With That?

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The rise in cannabis and its various correlated products are bringing about attitudinal perceptions and changes. The new mindset relates to how we...

Using Cannabis While Pregnant Does Not Impair Children’s Cognition, Decades Of Studies Suggest

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Across the US, children and their parents routinely face separation and other forms of punishment due to legal and medical policies around...

Majority of Cannabis Use in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside for Therapeutic Purposes

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Most people at high risk of overdose in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside who use cannabis do so for pain relief and other therapeutic reasons—and...

Here's How Cannabis And Cannabinoids Can Help Relieve Anxiety

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Cannabis has powerful anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) properties, and when administered as-needed, can provide relief from several anxiety disorders...

Does Cannabis Help Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis?

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The effects and benefits of cannabis are constantly studied by researchers, as cannabis gains more popularity with its legalization in different...

New study: Cannabis helps fight resistant bacteria

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Bacteria are increasingly becoming resistant to antibiotics. By combining antibiotics with the cannabis compound, cannabidiol, researchers have...

Cystic Fibrosis and Cannabis: How Do They Fit Together?

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Cystic Fibrosis is a condition that causes your lungs to fill up with fluid. For people living with it, smoking weed sounds like a dangerously...

New Study: Cannabis Is Effective for Fibromyalgia

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Fibromyalgia is an intractable condition defined by chronic, widespread pain and debilitation. But a recent study published in Clinical and...

Cannabis oil is making a difference to my daughter’s chronic illness

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When I gave birth to our first daughter in 1971 she had chest problems. Though she wasn’t a sickly child, she did have a persistent cough. We...

Colorado’s first licensed cannabis R&D firm to study marijuana’s effect on Alzheimer’s

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A Denver-based company hopes to be the state’s first to study the effects of marijuana on Alzheimer’s disease, thanks to a newly available...
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