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Argentina: Government Legalizes Self-Cultivation, Sale Of Medicinal Cannabis

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In a historic legislative measure, the Argentine government has modified the regulations for Law 27,350 on the medicinal use of marijuana...

Mexico is poised to legalize marijuana, but advocates don’t like the details

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It's the moment for which advocates of legal marijuana here have been waiting: Mexican lawmakers, working under a court order, have until...

3 Years Into Medical Cannabis, Colombia Looks To Legalize Adult-Use

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It’s been three years since Colombia issued Decree 613, regulating cannabis for medical and scientific use across the country. The program has...

Pakistan Approves Industrial Use Of Cannabis And Hemp

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Pakistan has approved the domestication and commercialisation of medicinal and industrial cannabis and hemp at a Herbal Medicine Park in Jhelum...

Unregulated Cannabis Sales Command 54% of Canadian Market

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Legal cannabis still comprises less than half – 46 percent – of all product sales in Canada nearly two years after nationwide legalization...

Canada Accused Of Cannabis Protectionism By Blocking Imports

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The Canadian government is being accused of insulating domestic cannabis producers against foreign competition by not allowing imports of medical...

Netherlands Clarifies Application Process To Grow Adult-Use Cannabis

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The Dutch government wants to clear up several issues regarding the application process to grow legal recreational marijuana. The process is part...

Israel Passes Germany As World’s Largest Importer Of Medical Cannabis Flower

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Israel overtook Germany as the No. 1 importer of medical cannabis flower in the world so far this year, according to data compiled by Tel...

The Bizarre History of UK Cannabis Prohibition

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In the decades that I have been writing about cannabis prohibition the best description of the UK ¨debate" may be the French saying that the more...

Bermuda Weighs Cannabis Legalization To Boost Post-Pandemic Economy

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Consultations wrap up this week on Bermuda’s proposal to legalize and regulate adult-use and medical cannabis, which the government says could...

South Africa Reschedules CBD and THC

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The South African government has taken a leap into the future (ahead also of the expected World Health Organization (WHO) decision on cannabis...

Cannabis Pandemic Sales Uptick Not Enough To Save Struggling Sector

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Canadian cannabis sales soared at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, but not enough to bolster a sector in the throes of reorganization only...

Medicinal Cannabis To Be Trialled On Victorian Kids With Extreme Behavioural Problems

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Medicinal cannabis will be given to Victorian children with extreme behavioural problems to see if it can calm their conditions after showing...

Will Israel Fully Legalize Use of Cannabis?

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The inauguration of Israel’s 35th government on May 17 was a particularly depressing event for many Israelis. After all, they were watching one of...

Canadian Cannabis Sales Reached New Highs in March

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Toilet paper wasn’t the only thing Canadians went ape over when the coronavirus hit the fan back in March. They immediately started stocking up on...

UN Votes to Delay Rescheduling of Cannabis for Second Time in Two Years

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For the second time in two years, the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) has delayed a critical vote on the reclassification of...

Ghana Legalizes Cannabis For Medicinal And Industrial Uses

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Ghana has legalized the use of cannabis for health and industrial purposes as it joins other African countries hoping to derive economic and...

Why is Canada’s black-market cannabis market booming?

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North America’s licensed marijuana companies are reporting major losses as users continue to buy from black-market dealers despite the...
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