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St. Louis County Readies for Impressive Cannabis Facility Opening

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Wendy Bronfein, encased in crisp, white protective gear, navigated the pristine corridor lined with sealed doors—a scene she playfully likened to...

Youngkin Opposes Legal Recreational Marijuana in Virginia

During the first day of the 2024 General Assembly session, Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin made his position clear: he is not in favor of having a...

Crisis In Oregon's Cannabis Industry Prompts Call For Tighter Rules

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The cannabis industry in Oregon is facing a significant challenge, as the number of licensed businesses has far exceeded what the market can...

San Antonio Dispensary Scene of a Dramatic Armed Standoff

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Ricardo Lopez knew that opening a marijuana dispensary could potentially attract unwanted attention. Therefore, when he established the Purple...

Navajo Nation Charges Two With Illegal Cannabis Grow In Complex Case

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Charges have been filed against two members of the Navajo Nation for allegedly cultivating marijuana illegally on the largest Native American...

Alabama's Medical Cannabis Rollout Faces Another Delay

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Alabama has been caught up in a legal battle over issuing medical cannabis licenses. This week, a judge issued a temporary restraining order to...

Majority of Cannabis Testing Facilities in California Ordered to Suspend Services

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In a bid to tackle pervasive mislabeling practices within the industry, California has halted potency testing for cannabis flower at numerous...

Johns Hopkins Launches $10M Medical Cannabis Research Initiative

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Johns Hopkins University is spearheading an ambitious new research project to explore the effects of medical cannabis on patients nationwide...

Catholic Sisters in Atlantic City Lose Effort to Halt Cannabis Shop Near Convent

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In the quest to position Atlantic City, NJ, as a premier cannabis destination along the East Coast, the local Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal...

The Story Behind the Cannabis Industry's $75 Million Pre-Roll Empire

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Despite developing hives from grinding cannabis, Bryan Gerber, 32, has not been deterred from establishing Hara Supply as the top producer of...

From Fine Dining to Legal Warnings: French Laundry's Clash with a Cannabis Company

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The illustrious Thomas Keller's French Laundry, a beacon of three Michelin stars, has put a spell on countless souls in the domain of gastronomy...

California cannabis market woes continue as new regulations get rejected

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California's Ambitions to Expand Cannabis Trade Nationwide Hit a Roadblock California's aspirations to legally distribute cannabis throughout the...

Governor Hochul Announces the Opening of New Cannabis Stores Throughout New York

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Today, Governor Kathy Hochul proudly announced the launch of twelve additional adult-use cannabis dispensaries across New York, a significant...

Mississippi's Legal Cannabis Market Marred by Products with Illicit THC Levels

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A cannabis testing lab based in Jackson revealed on Tuesday that potentially lethal toxins have been found in over-the-counter cannabis products...

Black Market Dispensaries Found on Properties Owned by Stiiizy's Founder

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The building was marked as Jerry's Liquor, but Compton code enforcement inspectors discovered a clandestine cannabis dispensary named Fly High 20...

Marijuana legalization goes before Pennsylvania House Health Committee

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With the legalization of marijuana seemingly inevitable in Pennsylvania, the House Health Subcommittee on Health Care Wednesday discussed the...

Yocan Black: Reshaping the Vaporizer Industry

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The new age of vaping has ushered in a wave of innovation and quality that challenges the traditional norms of smoking. Leading this wave is Yocan...

Missouri Marijuana Mold: A Growing Concern

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JEFFERSON CITY — A St. Charles County microbiologist’s test results for mold in marijuana, which he has shared on social media, are drawing...
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