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Cannabis Legalization Stalls as New Hampshire Senate Votes Against Bill

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On Thursday, the New Hampshire state Senate rejected a proposal to legalize recreational marijuana, with senators from both parties expressing...

The UN's Bold Stand: Urging Nations to Halt the Cannabis Legalization Wave

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The United Nations (UN) asserts that the United States is not adhering to an international drug treaty as it permits individual states to legalize...

Hundreds of Licenses for Cannabis Cultivation are Being Revoked in California

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Hundreds of cannabis farms in California have stopped operating in the legal market in the past month. Furthermore, it appears the sector is...

Remembering Raphael Mechoulam: The Pioneer of Cannabis Research

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Raphael Mechoulam, an Israeli chemist who discovered the structure and function of cannabis' key compounds, died on March 9 at his Jerusalem home...

High Times in LA: A Journey Through the City's Most Luxurious Cannabis Boutiques

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Our glamorous host enquires, "Do you know what terpenes are?" pointing to four glass domes, each containing mysterious lumps of black rock...

Virginia's Cannabis Market Stalled As Governor Signs Bill To Delay Adult-Use Sales

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The recreational marijuana industry in Virginia is on hold indefinitely. It has been effectively scrapped less than two years after the state...

California's Cannabis Industry Is On The Brink Of Collapse: What Can Be Done?

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It is one of the best places in the world to grow cannabis in Mendocino County. In the valleys of the county, moist air from the Pacific creates...

How The Oregon Cannabis Industry Is Struggling To Survive In A Weak Economy

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According to a new report released by state regulators, Oregon's recreational cannabis market is in its "weakest" economic position since 2016...

California Moves Forward To Allow Cannabis Dispensaries To Serve Food And Beverages

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Earlier this week, a California legislator introduced a bill that would allow cannabis dispensaries to offer food and consumption lounges to host...

The New York Weed Real Estate Experiment: A Look Inside the Struggle

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When Roland Conner was arrested for marijuana in the 1990s, he never imagined where he would be today: the owner of a cannabis dispensary in...

Maryland Gets Ready To Legalize Cannabis Sales

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On Friday, lawmakers unveiled a bill to tax and regulate marijuana, months after voters approved a referendum legalizing it. The House...

Tilray Drops $4 Billion Sales Target Amidst Cannabis Industry Turmoil

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Analysts now predict Tilray Brands will fall well short of its revenue target of $4 billion (5.3 billion Canadian dollars) by 2024. As a result...

Mississippi Launches Medical Cannabis Sales: What You Need To Know

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On Jan. 25, a few Mississippi dispensaries were ready to welcome customers. Melvin C. Robinson, Mississippi Trade Association Executive Director...

Celebrities & Cannabis: Can Star Power Really Make A Difference?

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With high-profile product launches and collaborations, celebrities like Jay-Z and Justin Bieber are trying to make their mark on the cannabis...

Rhode Island Becomes 16th State to Launch Adult-Use Cannabis Sales

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Rhode Island joined neighboring Massachusetts and beat next-door Connecticut to the punch with the launch of adult-use cannabis sales Thursday...

The casualties of California legalizing pot: Growers who went legal

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The Wild Cat Road skips along a ridge line, a narrow half-paved, half washed-out track that once carried much of the world’s finest marijuana to...

A visitor’s guide to legal cannabis in Alaska

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So, you’re visiting Alaska and wondering about weed. You’ve come to the right place. Please, follow me for a few hundred words about the 49th...

Legal Marijuana Sales Will Start Next Thursday in New Jersey

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The first sales of recreational, adult-use cannabis in New Jersey will start next Thursday, marking the culmination of a yearslong effort to...
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