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Hawaii Senate committee approves edible medical cannabis

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A Hawaii state Senate committee has granted preliminary approval to a bill authorizing the sale of edible medical cannabis products. Even if the...

State-owned Marijuana Stores for Rhode Island?

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Plenty of New Englanders have made a pit stop at one of New Hampshire’s state-run liquor stores. Now, another state in the region is wondering...

Trump Budget Proposes Ending State Medical Marijuana Protections And Blocking DC From Legalizing

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President Trump proposed ending an existing policy that protects state medical marijuana programs from Justice Department interference as part of...

Virginia House Approves Marijuana Decriminalization Bill

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The Virginia House of Delegates approved a bill to decriminalize marijuana on Monday, and the Senate is expected to pass similar legislation later...

Manufacturers that offer top-paid, skilled jobs oppose efforts in Connecticut to legalize marijuana

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As Connecticut lawmakers take another crack at legalizing marijuana and Gov. Ned Lamont moves to establish a regulatory apparatus, supporters are...
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