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    50 Plant Grow Room 16 X 16

    I was just using an arbitrary number when I said 1/4 oz just to make the point on a large scale it could be huge, but. It could be alot more than 1/4z. If I had to bet I'd say if you normally got 5 ozs a plant youd get closer to 7 . But theres other variables. Anyway it cant hurt .
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    50 Plant Grow Room 16 X 16

    I bet you would see a difference in yield for sure even if you got 1/4 more per plant you wouldn't notice w a few plants but w 100 or 300 it adds up. I have seen great buds from small closet set ups w no co2 and seen terrible airy buds w no co2 ftom similar ones. But those buds in the pics look...
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    50 Plant Grow Room 16 X 16

    When growing for substantial yields the cost of running HVAC and co2 is nominal. Even in a small set up changing the propane tanks takes 2 minutes but w large set ups we run a gas or propane line into the rooms. Also when investing a lot of money Into a large operation no one would risk not...
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    50 Plant Grow Room 16 X 16

    So you dont use c02? How is there less "shit to operate "? Bring air in and out of the room in itself is adding more shit to do..potential issues even w filters. But since u have no c02 then you dont need to refill them each time. But c02 is critical and an absolute must to exhault the genetic...
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    Top Feed Vs Bottom Question

    Yes it would be top feed using larger rock wool cubes. The nutes are mixed by the irrigation system you just set it to mix x amount of bloom, grow etx then ph and it feeds the plants for however long you set to blast them. I think 1 minute is sufficient. The left over runs off and isnt reused...
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    50 Plant Grow Room 16 X 16

    Not sure why people use exhaust fans , well I know the reasoning but from the growers I've worked with we never needed them. We kept the rooms sealed up tight and the air would just recirculate no new air was needed to be brought in. When u do that u need to keep refilling the room w co2 too...
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    Top Feed Vs Bottom Question

    Using a bucket system ebb n flow style, would that nutrient mix cross over the same to a top feed dosatron type system ? Or is the mix diff since they're feeding way way less time? Never got an answer on the other thread. I only ask this as the Mag Pro bottle I was reading gives diff mls per...
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    The Secrete To Growing Big Buds That Swell

    I think more goes into then the leaf temperature. But I agree less than 80 is key. But the warmer up to 80 the plants use more c02. I've done hundreds of crops at diff c02 levels and found 1800 1850 to be perfect. Growing Is like playing poker everyone has their own way to win. Also colder...
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    Top Feed Schedule

    Absolutely right. The air stone is a gimmick and only needed if your nutrients are sitting stagnant.
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    Yield Green Crack?

    Wouldnt it matter whst type of lights, how many and what wattage? Plus theres variations in diff sources even for the same strain . For 8 to 9 plants under 1 1000 hps I'd avg 5.5 ozs a plant for that strain but it was dwc
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    Top Feed Schedule

    When Theyr thst small only need to feed them a couple times a day once they are big then 4 times during light period. Once you flower them ..I see you use general hydroponics nutes I always added mag pro to compensate for magnesium deficiency in the gh.
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    Top Feed Dosatron Vs Bottom Feed

    Question. For commercial sized rooms 50k watts and up. Using the dosatron to top feed the plants. General hydroponics nutrients. When I used a bottom feed bucket system I fed the plants 4 times for 30 min ea time during the lights on and once In the dark. Switching to top feed w the dosatron...
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    How Much Longer Do You Think These Buds Have Left Till Harvest?theyydaytheyeatyhsywer

    Yes they are getting close they will swell.up and fatten some more. Id give it a week if you can wait maybe longer 10 days. Theoretically you can pull em now and still get good buds but if you want the ideal stick it out plus they pack on weight thsy last 2 weeks so....that's my 2 cents
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    Diy Building An Exhaust Box For Window Unit Indoors

    Seems like alot of unnecessary work just let the hot air vent into the garage /room.
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    Commercial Building (experienced Growers)

    Where in Oklahoma are you located? Ill be out there this weekend if youre close to where ill be maybe we can talk.