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  1. fatawa

    Good Meeting All Of You

    u too brother.can u ax this i.p.?ill stretch my kneck out
  2. fatawa

    Good Meeting All Of You

    i feel sameway.been trying to get kickd... @logichook me up bro.demontrich couldnt,im assuming cuz i havnt broke rules but chop my head off already..ha
  3. fatawa

    Do I Chop Down Or Not Yet?

    Need a loop to truly gues a wk or 2 tho.let the rest of those hairs turn from white to orange
  4. fatawa

    When To Change Dwc Reservoir?

    Just my opinion but the whole purpose of dro is being surgically get that clean dro taste from rezi changes.y let it sit n same water diluted down multiple times..basicaly same concept of dirt then n my eyes.just my opinion
  5. fatawa

    My Girls

    i concur
  6. fatawa

    My Girls

    yup.thats wat suks bout them cold nights(outdoors).they arent drying out from dew really till bout noon-1pm,if yur reaching 70°'s n daytime.just to get moist again bout 7pm for sunset and dew again...
  7. fatawa

    Air Pumps

    2nd that.some r as loud as 1gal air compressor.heres wat i fuck with.ea outlet runs its own 10gal tote
  8. fatawa

    ??? Environment In Dry Room ???

    ahh....thats a good question.basicaly anything that drys it too quick is not good...10-14days for me is normal b4 i throw n jar at my numbers.anything quicker then 7days is too fast imo.but it seems from what u said u can control both rh/temp so you should b can hav fluctuation so dont...
  9. fatawa

    ??? Environment In Dry Room ???

    Throw a rotating fan n there just dnt blow directly on buds hanging.i blow underneath.i try in stay around 60rh/60-70° myself.drying/curing is debatably the most important part so..and you can have that 70rh w/air movement.its stagnant air u wanna stay away from.throughout the whole process.i...
  10. fatawa

    Any Input On How Much Time I Would Have Till Harvest.

    Fans r dark as shit.need to pull back on "n".they should b more of a neon color or will effect your swell by stunting/slowing
  11. fatawa

    The Dreaded Bud Rot?

    no should learn something every grow or you aint trying/paying attention enough to them.but airflow is crucial...
  12. fatawa

    Running Out Of Scrog Space?

    out growing scrog is never issue just a lil more sure you still hav string/twine left from net.tie knot round them old fan leafs and pull them back to net.shit i pull to cielings,walls,lights....
  13. fatawa

    2nd Grow Dwc

    I had that same problem yrs ago when i first startd dwc.i use hps threw out grow but for me the light heatd those buckets up since there black.i went to 10gal rubbermaid totes that r a grey.never issues since.but water bottles def wrk cuz thats wat i did at the time.idt it matters but i always...
  14. fatawa

    Any Input On How Much Time I Would Have Till Harvest.

    ya i kno i cant get threw one outdoor.its usualy snowing by late oct/begining of nov.op needs to pull back on that nitro b4 you fux up yur swell.them fans are dark hunter,and add calmag for them mag has "n" so def pull back on nitro significantly.
  15. fatawa

    A Little Harvest Help Please

    lol.i was gonna call u out on that but i seen u already noticed.ha.n you probably would of had a zip.imo you was still in swell.let all the hairs turn orange n pull back n buds,you still hav alot of yellow on the ones u trimmd(n showd pics).can still be good smoke tho so no worries.being patient...
  16. fatawa

    Any Input On How Much Time I Would Have Till Harvest.

    Need to take them pics on lights out.yellow hue from hps no bueno.but looking at 2nd,3rd pic up from bottom u got 2-3wks at least
  17. fatawa

    One Strange Bud

    temps at night?50's will do that
  18. fatawa

    F##k Pics Or It Didn't Happen!

    need pics to diagnose suspected problems for people.very few can describe in words well enough wat there plant is doing without one..could you inagine this site with no pics???that would be fucking stupid.and i know i been growing long enough where i may not be able to taste it threw a pic,but i...
  19. fatawa

    Increasing Resin Production, And Density

    def say curing is 33% of it.its the differnce between top shelf and just some good weed.
  20. fatawa

    F##k Pics Or It Didn't Happen!

    100% agree
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