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  1. soserthc1

    Ghost Train Haze #1

    Looks nice but not that many nice She must smoke really well Thanks for the picture
  2. soserthc1

    Ghost Train Haze #1

    That's a lot of one GTH pheno Got pictures of her in bloom ?
  3. soserthc1

    Will Gnats Cause Rhis?

    Whew save the pictures man Rethink every thing you do and start over In a clean bug free enviorment. Do things right from the beginning and save yourself the headache
  4. soserthc1

    Cant Find Problem

    You at least need the starting point of your waters p/h Mine is 7.3 out the spicket so a 1/4 tsp take me to 6.6 Knowing this I can roll without a ph meter but nutes and such will play into it also. This thread isn't going to help you until you get a handle of p/h In most cases I'd tell you to...
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    2017 Pine Tar Kush Outdoor'

    I'm still breathing on my own ..... ( I'm good spider besides the daily struggles of life getting older.) Outdoors is a struggle around here man with work and indoor and my vacation spot. Not to mention the thought of slipping up and ruining it all. I gotta say threads like yours always...
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    2017 Pine Tar Kush Outdoor'

    When I reached the point it wasn't making sense it felt like a grey area Love a spider thread subbed Interesting point shy makes about potency of weed these days
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    To Burp Or Not To Burp

    Dry for 7/10 days is plenty Jars opening at least once or twice a day for another week You should be fun fine
  8. soserthc1

    What Your Next Strain Your Running ?

    Valley dawg / I95 Skunk dawg / fire alien kush Cherry pie Ghost og Jews gold Trinity og Tahoe Tahoe NYC Casey Cush 50 Casey Cush 2
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    You can't eliminate ticks from the outside world kinda impossible or it would of been done by now. There is no benifical ticks Wear a hat .... Spray yourself with off/deet Check for ticks when coming back in .... Bury another lame thread
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    How Big Is Too Big?

    I used to try to take clones from the bottom to preserve the top colas Then after rethinking everything I started cloning healthy tops at a good 12/14 inches. My thinking is to get the best possible performance out of a plant. I want it at optimal health at all times. So I would do that with...
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    I Have This On My Leaf

    Ph is outta whack and possible some tripps sucking on the underside of your leaves. Grab a loupe or a scope check it out. Get your ph in line. Foliar feed also
  12. soserthc1

    What Is The Best Humidity ?

    Leave the dome on until the clones root , should be anywhere from 6/7 days up to around 2 weeks. Really no reason to even check the humidity under the dome. Just keep her sealed and closed on top and little light is required. A CFL will work. Male clones being the exception they would need more...
  13. soserthc1

    How Many Tops Can A Plant Produce In A 2 Litre Soda Bottle?

    @Midnite Tokr interesting idea I personally would use a clone female for this experiment but none the less sounds interesting. Your issue will eventually be root space but it's possible to remove roots and add soil to the bottom As far as tops I don't think there is a max a plant will...
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    Coffee and coke in the ghetto Been there , done that What's your question @purpnugz 1) plants need h20 yes 2) molasses is good for every feeding tsp is about right 5ml. 3) big boom and bat guano are for flowering ( guano can be added to soil but it's hot and better as a dressing) 5-6)...
  15. soserthc1

    Gypsy Nirvana In Jail In England, To Face Trial In Maine.

    OP would be my guess I'm going to get to mpg after this been away since the 1000s page goose thread Are you buying the gyspy walked of the plane unscathed after the PI or are you of the belief it was the above mentioned adm posting Some of the post since clearly appear to be GN to me. I...
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    Gypsy Nirvana In Jail In England, To Face Trial In Maine.

    People pay for the possibilities of the f1 generation now. Which is fine if that's what your expecting. But let's not derail Any possibilities the other two in the indictment are just Rez and Dutch What's the point in leaving gyspy in the PI for 2 years and allowing him to step off a plane in...
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    Ok you have the plants and containers What's all over the floor ? DE ? Plants look healthy but waiting for small plants to fill big pots sucks I would gradually up pot every two weeks
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    Plants , containers ?
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    Can You Infect Your Growing Area With Pm Bud?

    You should be fine unless you were tossing buds around your flower room Pm is systematic within plants and can be spread when conditions are favorable for it to thrive like high humidity or infected plants touching each other. Safe side foliar everything with a organic pm spray Product...
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    Seeds Are Forming.....

    It's 6 plants not a crop and the Op has clearly stated there are not any nanners to be found and only a few seeds in a lower limb
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