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  1. Dunge

    Grow Log On A Fist Full Of My Own Seeds.

    After harvest I started a new round despite the risk of summer overheating. The interesting aspect of this flowering cycle are tow fold. All six of the large potted plants are members of my keeper plant. Two of them are suffering some sort of stunting. So keeping an eye on them will be...
  2. Dunge

    Grow Log On A Fist Full Of My Own Seeds.

    Numbers are in and they are low, but it smokes well. Buds were all small and not the tight balls I prefer. Not sure what went wrong, but I continue to suspect phosphor burn based on one prior overdose experience. When I start my weekly alfalfa tea I add a "glug" of Alaska fish fertilizer. But...
  3. Dunge

    Grow Log On A Fist Full Of My Own Seeds.

    Harvested after 8 weeks in flower. I ordinarily take these to nine weeks, but the suspected phosphor burn was so severe that bud growth had slowed to the point that I ended the grow. I'll post a final in a few weeks with weight and flower quality. I expect the weight to be on the low side...
  4. Dunge

    Grow Log On A Fist Full Of My Own Seeds.

    Six weeks into flower and 20 weeks from sow. Perhaps I over pruned. Maybe too large a glug of high P fish fertilizer in the tea. And they are fighting some spider mites. At any rate, buds keep growing. But can they keep growing for three more weeks. Many of the remaining leaves are starting...
  5. Dunge

    Grow Log On A Fist Full Of My Own Seeds.

    Four weeks into flower and 18 weeks from sow. Did some defoliation and I think it may help for as yet unexplained reasons. I am accustomed to following threads, and having the program place me at the start of new content. Can't seem to get this to work in this new program.
  6. Dunge

    Grow Log On A Fist Full Of My Own Seeds.

    Two weeks into flower and 16 weeks from sow. On schedule. Overhead shots of the five seedlings.
  7. Dunge

    Transplanting In To Out

    I didn't read any mention of "hardening off". Take care to introduce plants to direct sun slowly (3 days of shade). I have had sun burn set plant development back by weeks due to leaf bleaching. Plants look good.
  8. Dunge

    Drying While Other Plants Are Finishing Up

    I hang freshly harvested plants in my veg space. The RH is in the 40-50% range @ 75 deg F, and the plants are not in direct light. Takes about a week to get a stem snap. They are then de-boned into paper bags for a few days. Works for me.
  9. Dunge

    Creating New Genetics.

    I pollinate at 3 to 4 weeks into flower. Mark the target branch with a colored pipe cleaner. Pull the plant out of my flower space and into the dark basement at the start of darkness. Let pollen warm from freezer temps to avoid condensation. Pollinate by dipping q-tip and painting each target...
  10. Dunge

    Over Watered Or Under Watered? Help

    Grab the loops on that bag and heft it. When it feels lite, it needs water. I just killed a bunch of mid sized seedlings by over watering. I was shocked.
  11. Dunge

    Question About Pollinated Autos

    One of the most important, and difficult things that an auto-flower seed producer has got to get right is veg timing prior to flowering. Your hybrid seeds will be half males, another half of the remainder will flower too soon, and some will never flower. So log it if you decide to grow some.
  12. Dunge

    Grow Log On A Fist Full Of My Own Seeds.

    14 weeks from sow and they are into flower space. Four big ones in the back are the keeper White Fire cones. Up front are the smaller seedlings comprised of 3 AKFire and 3 AKDog. Some of the seedlings have yet to show sex, but I will be shocked if more than one of them is male. After only...
  13. Dunge

    Storing Wet Hemp Flower

    I did not notice any change in the product due to freezing. I then extracted frozen while maintaining cold through the entire process to keep the water bound. This entire endeavor will require extensive planning. First off, freezing a thousand pounds of flowers is probably more complicated than...
  14. Dunge

    Building Water Only Soil That Isn’t To Hot

    I have been using a mashup water only supersoil for over five years (see signature link). For seedlings and clones I dilute the formula to 1/3ed strength with ProMix. Otherwise they get burnt.
  15. Dunge

    Storing Wet Hemp Flower

    I have frozen freshly harvested flower for later processing. It seemed to work well. It you don't freeze it, it will mold.
  16. Dunge


    First thing that comes to mind is I would AVOID any pollen from a nanner. It will demonstrably carry hermy proclivity. As to the purchase of pollen. My one attempt to do so a few years ago resulted in money out and nothing in. I suspect it was because the seller discovered he had nothing to...
  17. Dunge

    Grow Log On A Fist Full Of My Own Seeds.

    I agree, but... Keep in mind that the original seed sow was largely a germination test on six seed groups from three lines of my own plants. So my negligence protected me from needing to cull the herd. For example, in two weeks I will be harvesting a plant that I expect to take over 100 fresh...
  18. Dunge

    Grow Log On A Fist Full Of My Own Seeds.

    12 week since sow update. There are five seedlings in this mix that are candidates for flower space in two weeks. One may be a male, so that makes eight or nine into flower. This is a good number for my flower space which has historically maxed out at 12 plants.
  19. Dunge

    Summer 2019 Light Deprivation Desires

    Years ago I built a clam shell tent inside my greenhouse automated by a timer and driven by a garage door opener. It worked great, but using a single layer of black plastic resulted in re-veg and nanner problems. I'm thinking of doing it again, but I need a better light blocking fabric. Maybe...
  20. Dunge

    Grow Log On A Fist Full Of My Own Seeds.

    Week ten for the seedlings. This is the curse of the grow log. When things go badly, the log must go on. There are only seven of the original seedlings left. Two are confirmed female and one suspected male. Confirmed males and irreparably over watered have been culled. I have four weeks to...
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