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  1. Erick31876

    Seedling with stunted growth? And setup help

    Your doinf fine, sometimesbthey start slow. I had a few start very slow. They grww the first leaves and stopped for a couple weeks before i saw anything else.
  2. Erick31876

    Oregon pineapple X stripper piss

    I just recently had one come up with the shell on. I got it off and there was this clearish white colored thing still on it. I guess it was like the inner part of the shell or something, i got it off no problem. Its doing fine now
  3. Erick31876

    Katsu's MASSIVE Pre-98 Bubba Kush Reversal Bean Run

    So what have you been using lately?
  4. Erick31876

    Sativa gal here.

    Welcome to the farm
  5. Erick31876

    Katsu's MASSIVE Pre-98 Bubba Kush Reversal Bean Run

    I should have realized that. I feel like a idiot now, lol. I never heard of ga3 though
  6. Erick31876

    Oregon pineapple X stripper piss

    Damn they are tall. How long do you veg them for
  7. Erick31876

    Little white bugs that jump

    Damn, an inch deep. Thats a lot of bugs
  8. Erick31876

    Katsu's MASSIVE Pre-98 Bubba Kush Reversal Bean Run

    All of those you are making sound incredible @katsu . Have been dying to try some bubba kush. Am looking forward to seeinf more updates. Keep it up
  9. Erick31876

    Katsu's MASSIVE Pre-98 Bubba Kush Reversal Bean Run

    What is ga3
  10. Erick31876

    How to make Absolute Shatter using a Thermos

    Great tutorial. I have been looking for one like this for years. Thank you for posting it.
  11. Erick31876

    Monster cone concern

    Welcone to the farm. If that clone is from a flowering plant, its going to take a while before it goes into re veg. That could be why its not getting any taller
  12. Erick31876

    Solow Grows Uzi Cookies

    Looking good bro. I always love seeing the fan leaves have trichomes like that . It looks like that leaf is giving you the finger,lol
  13. Erick31876

    Are These From Mites?

    Damn... never thought of that, flea foggers are made from pyrethin. Great idea
  14. Erick31876

    Seedling Grew First Leaves And Stopped

    Awesome. My mutant is growing more also. I'll take pics of it when I get home.
  15. Erick31876

    Uzi (oozy) Cookies F1 By Thegrowingrack

    That cookies and cream looks amazing. Good job
  16. Erick31876

    Best Bruce Banner Strain ? (breeder)

    Maybe they sell them here on the farm
  17. Erick31876


    Damn, I would be scared of her lol. Sleep with one eye open,lol
  18. Erick31876

    Blackberry Gum

    Welcome to the farm. Looking forward to following your grows
  19. Erick31876

    Uncle Roms Mixed Pack Mishaps

    Oh ok. I never heard of it. Thank you
  20. Erick31876


    I never caught a carp either. Only catfish, sunnies, bass, trout around here. If your lucky maybe a musky, or a pike..never caught one of those 2 either
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