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  1. HighLife 45

    Lightproofing ventilation

    Thanks Symbiote, I ran into that site earlier in the year when researching greenhouses and I couldn't find it again.
  2. HighLife 45

    Grow Room A/C

    can you help me interpret this chart from can fan?I am not sure what "wg" stands for? Is it "static pressure" or inches of ducting or something like that? Performance Data |--------------------------- in. wg -----------------------------------------------------------| -----------0" -- .125"...
  3. HighLife 45

    Lightproofing ventilation

    Looikng to make a light trap/stop light leaks from a 12' max fan with the least amount of cfm loss possible.. The fan is between two flower rooms, sharing an ac. I looked into dust shrooms but they are pretty expensive, but that might be the best route. I would definitely need two, because I...
  4. HighLife 45

    Meeks' 2013 Dapper Grow Log

    Just stumbled on your thread! Gonna have to go back and reread it. Tons of good info. Thanks for breaking down the vdp. makes alot more sense to me now. Im using jacks right now and have been interested in making my own mix for some time. I just havent seen alot of people who mix their own...
  5. HighLife 45

    Coco Trees

    Nicely done, I have a similar setup to yours. 600s on the outside and 1ks in the middle. 10 plants. in a 10x20 room.
  6. HighLife 45

    New Business

    Good Luck with your bussiness! I hope the best for ya bud.
  7. HighLife 45

    Grow Room A/C

    Hey John, would love your advice on a situation. I want to cool a 12k bare bulb flip flop with the least amount of amperage possible. I was considering a rheem 4 ton @45 amps And a two zone 2 ton...
  8. HighLife 45

    The root health challenge - Not for the inexperienced

    What media is in your net pots? Is it all in the same system? Maybe there is a spot that isn't getting cleaned, dirty airstone etc. Have you tried flooming instead of airstones?
  9. HighLife 45

    3 x 1000 watt Raptors in a 12x18 room....question

    I second what GTD said. Nice avatar.
  10. HighLife 45

    Grow Room A/C

    Hey cj...Is there a way to hook up 2 ton window units to a programmable thermostat? I have two 2ton units cooling one of my rooms and would like to keep it from dropping down to 68 degrees when the lights go off.
  11. HighLife 45

    Grow Room A/C

    Thanx for the quick reply. Ok I was hoping to get a 5 ton out door unit and split it between the two rooms and do a flip flop. The rheem and goodman 5 ton 18 seer units are the same price as one mini split. I may just go with a couple window acs to start with because I am on a budget for...
  12. HighLife 45

    Grow Room A/C

    Hey CJ thanks for helping out so many of us! I am about to set up a few sealed rooms and would like your guidance. I am hoping to get an ac from acwholesalers If you could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated, sizing, zoning, one larger unit or individual units. Is...
  13. HighLife 45

    Amid blame for bee collapse, Monsanto buys leading bee research firm

    Squiggly, herb is the cure for cancer, so your already doing your part. as for Freaking Monsanto... I eat organic and mostly raw food diet, but I know that plants eat chemical nutrients and its up to the "chemists" in soil (bennies) to make the nutes for the plants. Perhaps you could be the...
  14. HighLife 45

    Anyone using Can Max Fans? Are they any good?

    I have the 10" and they are great. just as loud as any other fan that moves the same amount of air. You can add a foot or two of ducting if you want to quiet them down a bit. I am pretty sure you need a VARIAC style controller to adjust the fan speed. They are 60-100 $ I think but they will...
  15. HighLife 45

    Grow Room A/C

    Thanks CJ! I did the math at 4btu per a watt and thought I was in the clear. 9400w x 4BTU = 37600 btus. It looks like you did the math at 5btu per watt. All the bulbs are bare and unvented. I am very limited on amperage or I would get two 3ton minsplits. I have a chiller thats not being...
  16. HighLife 45

    Grow Room A/C

    I am in a new room. I have a 27ooobut (kemoore) window unit and a 18k (mr slim) minisplit in my flip flop with 9 600's and 4 1ks. I fired up the 4 1ks and 1 6oo to test the waters before we put the girls in and the air seemed pretty warm it was 77 degrees with both ac's on full cooling...
  17. HighLife 45


    Been lurking. Finally joined. Lots of good farmers and breeders. Ive done LP aero, MPB, UC, Coco, dirt Heres a +1#er I did a while back See ya round
  18. HighLife 45

    Octa Bubblers drain to waist DIY guide to setting up a watering system the way Jack does it..

    thanks for sharing! Is this all sitting in a 4x8 tray? Do you "pre charge" your coco with nute?
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