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  1. budfriend

    Best way to frame a window that is blacked out and have a light in it

    Has anyone put a light is a blacked out window on a timer so it does not stay dark all the time? Of coure i can figure out how to do it but im affaid my idea would burn the house down keeping that light enclosed. Thansk for the help
  2. budfriend

    How do I make sure drip amount is the same for every dripper

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this? Right now i water alot but want to do a coco dtw. I know I could put gph drip emitters on the end of the drippers or maybe get a head that drips x amount but i was wondering if there is another way??? I also know those drip emmiters get...
  3. budfriend

    A1 Florovino kills PM

    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to share that the florovino tea does knock out pm. I have a tent i preveg in and saw some a little before christmas. Though i knocked it out but it came back on some mini moms i had in there. So i took my sulfer burner for the flower room and let it go. I few days...
  4. budfriend

    750 watt ballasts

    Does anyone have any experince with 750 watt ballasts. Also wondering is any one has run 1000k at 75% making it 750 watt??? Is that correct? Has anyone run a 1000 vs a 750 or run a 1000 vs a 1000 run at 75%. Any input or info would be appreciated. Im not interested in 600 as I have...
  5. budfriend

    Does anyone have more than one electric bill with there name on it?

    Does anyone have more than one electric bill with there name on it? Is there a way to get electric set up without your name being on the bill? Thanks
  6. budfriend

    Cold Fusion device set for Production

    Not sure where to post ..
  7. budfriend

    Harmonic Sound Waves to increase Yield

    So I came across this device from bio-wave industries. Supposed to increase brix levels and increase yields 20%. Does anyone have experience with this? Anyone know of a cheaper alternative. This thing cost about $2,000 grand. Does this thing work? peace
  8. budfriend

    Help..A club i was a member of just got raided and i gave them my excess meds

    Help!!!!A club i was a member of just got raided and i gave them my excess meds So a club i am a member of and give excess meds too just got raided today. Should i be worried. What has happened in the past to member cultivators. Do i have to worry i am getting raided? Thanks
  9. budfriend

    How to use Merit 75 wp

    HI All I have had bugs the the last three grows since spring. Tried everything and they keep coming back. They are not bad but im done with them so i got some Merit 75 MP. I was going to treat my pre-veg room and mothers with it. The label is confusing so can any farmers recommend how...
  10. budfriend

    **HELP*** 1/2 cm Long worms all over leaves?

    Help... I don't know what i have. I would post pics but dont think they would show up. I noticed a plant or two starting to have white spots on the leaves. Now it spread to the whole garden. So I take a closer look and see tiny 1/2 centimeter long thin white worms crawling over the leaves...
  11. budfriend

    plant spacing

    Hi guys, Need suggestions on plant spacing. Growing bushes. I have 6 1k and was thinking 12 plants. Area is 8 by 12 feet. Going to go verticial. ideas welcome. the diagram changes when i post. but use your imiganition x=plant 0=light xoxox xoxox x x x the lights would be...
  12. budfriend

    Redoing my 8 by 12, 6k grow room...any input welcome

    Hi Guys First off. Everyone is so cool and nice on the Farm. Im glad im on here. I want to grow trees. My original inspiration for this is DD. Your a cool dude. Now im tweaking things because of reading everyone elses post on here and my situation. i have probably spent 60-80...
  13. budfriend

    Way to see where your co2 is going.

    Is there a way to see where your co2 is going. Anyone know a way to see where your co2 is going. So i Know co2 is heavier than air so it is supposed to drop down so most people hand there co2 burner above there plants. Well what happens when you have fans and exhaust going all the time...
  14. budfriend

    Best humidity option Faran 707 or Hydrofogger

    Best humidity increase option Faran 707 or Hydrofogger Hi Everyone Just wondering what is the best option to increase the humidity in my room. The faran 707 of the hydrofogger( For anyone that does not know i have researched and these two appear to be the best...
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