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  1. BuffaloGanj

    Comment by 'BuffaloGanj' in article 'Cannabis Strain Names Are Meaningless: What Is The Industry Doing About It?'

    Just what we need. More government oversight.
  2. BuffaloGanj

    How Many Farmers Trim Their Bud Wet.........

    I've tried both methods now and really do prefer wet, only because I do just a few plants at a time, and by the time I harvest there is usually just stems and a few sugar leaf edges left to trim, with very few fan leaves left on the plant. I usually cut the obvious stuff the first time and then...
  3. BuffaloGanj

    Do you want to be a forum moderator?

    Happy to help when and where I can although it looks like there is plenty already!
  4. BuffaloGanj


    I am growing autos, so not sure if it helps you, but I would definitely start them right in the FF soil. The FF medium is amazing and helped with growth right from the beginning. The plants that used the FF soil showed twice the growth of the ones in local soil mix with no apparent nute...
  5. BuffaloGanj

    Lady pics - Sweet Tooth and Gorilla Glue auto - Day 59

    Here are my two prize girls, Nelly and Olympia, at 59 days from seed in 5 gal buckets. These are coming along really well and just wanted to share the beauty. Two more weeks minimum will be hard to wait! They just look so yummy...
  6. BuffaloGanj

    Rookie grower - hooked on indoor autos

    LOL. They are really nice for side lighting and I do think they help thicken things up under the canopy. Brother in law offered them up after I had the 1000w HPS up and running and I figured more light couldn't hurt, right? :-)
  7. BuffaloGanj

    Rookie grower - hooked on indoor autos

    Thanks much. It's been up and down and I had a male in the last batch that I didn't catch so it really hurt the yield. I wound up with about 24g at the end of it all but it wasn't 1/4 of what these ladies are coming out as. Running a single 1000w HPS. The biggest yield-affecting change I've made...
  8. BuffaloGanj

    Rookie grower - hooked on indoor autos

    Hi all. Been growing just under a year just for personal use and do auto-flowering plants on a 40 day cycle in a small room inside an unheated building. Enjoyed various levels of success but the latest two ladies are looking to be the best of all in terms of yield an quality so far. These two...
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