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  1. J

    SUPER MITES!! When FLORAMITE wont work...

    no predators?? id want to try a ladybug or something before all these other products
  2. J

    whats the goin rate for trimmers this year?

    $250 a pound is the going rate
  3. J

    Raskal OG & Corleone Kush - Rockwool Grow

    how often are they watered in the rockwool?
  4. J

    Ever f'd an A-Level(+) porn star/adult model?

    yupp i agree with smokey!! take it if you got it ..ive scored one better than those females and it was alll freee :)
  5. J

    20x20 ..Steppin Into The Sun

    :banana1sv6: everythings good so far .... clones are wayyyy better and it seems like all of em made it through!!:dance:dance hopefully i dont mess anything up:hunter:
  6. J

    DETAILED Small Closet Grow! 250w digital ballast w/ 6" air-cooled reflector

    good job so far ... thinking of doing the same thing with either a 400 or a 600..
  7. J

    20x20 ..Steppin Into The Sun

    the 600s dont have any ducting running through them.. but they run just the same
  8. J

    20x20 ..Steppin Into The Sun

    a 600 watt or smaller bro..
  9. J

    The art of drying/curing in dry cali

    well what I do is check the buds til they seem dry but the stem still bends a bit, then you put the buds in a jar and "burp" them til your they are nice and solid... depending on where you are it would be faster or slower but if it dries faster you should be checking them constantly until you...
  10. J

    20x20 ..Steppin Into The Sun

    yo bobby thats exactly what we did:rock... we put the thickest insulation we could find, then insulation foam, then some radiant wood to finish it off
  11. J

    20x20 ..Steppin Into The Sun

    yea dude i feel ya... lucky we have more than enough a/c and we have air that comes outside to cool the cooltubes but doesnt make contact with the room.. its completly sealed and cooled:D
  12. J

    20x20 ..Steppin Into The Sun

    anyone in L.A. have some lights for sale??.. need to make a closet grow 4 moms:)
  13. J

    20x20 ..Steppin Into The Sun

    thanx farmers! .. not sure UG... if i get my F1 sour diesel seeds sooner ill probly just throw em into flower sooner to get the sour D in there:bongsmi:
  14. J

    20x20 ..Steppin Into The Sun

    i have some pictures of my clones finally:smoke ..
  15. J

    20x20 ..Steppin Into The Sun

    yeah hopefully ill have em up tomorrow.. ive been lagging it on charging my camera:rollj:
  16. J

    what should i pay my greenhorn helper kid.???

    i agree with this guy don juan under me..
  17. J

    20x20 ..Steppin Into The Sun

    thanks sense i. milla... i actually enjoyed doing all that washing:)
  18. J

    20x20 ..Steppin Into The Sun

    La Mota ok i got the clones on 2 flood and drain tables under 2 600s.. each tray has 40 clones with each in a 4x4" rockwool cube ...i have about 80 chem4 cuts, when i got the clones they were in bad condition but they seem to be ok.. by any chance anyone run chem4 before.. btw the showi played...
  19. J

    20x20 ..Steppin Into The Sun

    i have the chem 4 clones into the system :passingjoint:... ill have pics of them up on sunday ... i would post em tomoroow but i have to play a show saturday:music:music damm it feels good to be a gansta:pimp:
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