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    Swole Grows Perpetually

    I hear you, heard so much about thai sticks also, but never had the chance to experience thai sticks. Well hope it turns out great for you! Was wondering is the wild thai regular or fem seed?
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    Swole Grows Perpetually

    Looking good in your hood! Im interested to see the wild thai flower out. Good job.
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    What Video Game Are You Playing Through Right Now?

    Super Mario Kart..
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    Sorry that I havent posted for a while... mediical issues

    Hope you get well soon and heal quickly and properly!
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    To @oldskol4evr From the fellow growers of the farm

    Hope you heal quickly and properly!
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    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Thunderfudge redrover fire.
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    welcome to the jungle it gets worse here every day...

    Thank you @Toaster79
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    welcome to the jungle it gets worse here every day...

    Where is a good place to get Thunderfudge gear?
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    Please Recomend A Quality Medical Marijuana Clinic In Co

    14er boulder.....
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    Help Me Choose A Strain For Selection (bog/darkhorse/symbiotic/seed Junky, Etc..)

    ;)Seed junky. ... If I had the chance
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    October, Photo Of The Month

    mk ultra x mel
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    Wet Behind The Ears

    Welcome to the farm!
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    Anybody Ever Heard Of Or Popped Some Colored Seeds?

    I think it was green house seed co.
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    Thunderfudge Genetics - First Drop Live!

    :mad:Wrong time to be broke!
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    R.i.p @420 Lyfeppp

    R.I.p. fellow farmer.
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    The New Shit,show Ya Pics.

    Hows it going MTBKush?
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    Best Full Figured Ladies

  18. SNTS1

    Best Full Figured Ladies

    Lol. I didn't notice that.
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    Feb Photo Of The Month

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