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  1. Madbud

    Is this Male or Female?

    Congrats, its a girl
  2. Madbud

    First timer success 😋 must be a women’s touch

    Nobody’s first grow is this perfect💩
  3. Madbud

    Farmers don't flush? Oh, so you were an idiot before you grew weed...

    You really want a screwed up kid, don’t let them eat hot dogs at the family picnics.
  4. Madbud

    Topped 3 times. Howd this happen

    File under F for FIM
  5. Madbud

    Finally made a bit of hashish

    Craving some hash under glass now🤨
  6. Madbud

    Seedlings are curling down (11 Days old)

    If they are photoperiod i would just let them dry out unless you really want to transplant now. The clawing could be nitrogen but i know they’re overwatered, weigh a cup of fresh soil, 175-200 grams. That 400ml watering tripled the weight.
  7. Madbud

    First time growing (closet)

    Indoors you can top and lollipop because there’s no heavy wind or rain. You almost need to to get a good canopy, then thread the branches through netting (scrog) for separation as much as support. Clone the early tops, i used 2 liter bottles for domes til they rooted. I just don’t need to grow...
  8. Madbud

    First time growing (closet)

    I’ve cloned tops a couple times but i don’t do much topping anymore.
  9. Madbud

    Seedlings are curling down (11 Days old)

    Way overwatered! Let them dry til the cup feels light, real light.
  10. Madbud

    First time growing (closet)

    You can always put more soil on top, the roots will surface anyway. Same with solo cups, half full, say 100 grams of soil then if they go spaghetti you can add soil for support instead of engineering tooth picks and bread ties.
  11. Madbud

    Little help identifying a habitual issue

    You know the old saying about water, a pint’s a pound the world around
  12. Madbud

    Little help identifying a habitual issue

    Yeah, wet feet.
  13. Madbud

    Amekins’ Fantastical Faerie Garden Grow Diary

    I’ll take cat piss over cat shat anyday.
  14. Madbud

    Novice grower seeking directions to the finish line -

    Considered 48 hours darkness before chop?
  15. Madbud

    Spider farmer SF 1000 grow in 1Diesel1s garage (tent)

    Would a candle work in a tent for heat and dehum?
  16. Madbud

    3 pointed leaves

    Could be revegging. If a plant is ready to flower but starts getting longer hours of light, it revegs and you get 3 point leaves. What’s the light schedule been?
  17. Madbud

    Does Topping equal a higher yield?

    SOG, pinch off all the branches. One big cola per plant remains. Never tried it but i’ve seen it. Much lower yield than normal growth but the colas are cool.
  18. Madbud

    Fox Farm Happy Frog Schedule

    I uppot from Happy Frog to Ocean Forest after a month, then use the directions on grow big, big bloom and tiger bloom bottles. Watch for gnats, that’s why the frog is happy.
  19. Madbud

    First time growing (closet)

    Just normal branch growth.
  20. Madbud

    Does Topping equal a higher yield?

    Oh yeah, 48 hours of darkness before chopping is common, i’ve put outdoor cuttings in a water vase in darkness before drying too.
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