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  1. Devilsharvest

    Does smell lose its potency during curing

    hey man . I love casey and cheese.. I think casey taste more fruity when its fresh but when its cured its nearly cheese like.. I think it has a short shelf life so smoke it fast and cheese will lose that smell as it cures but it gets super strong.. exodus cheese is something else.. a long cure...
  2. Devilsharvest

    How do you fluff your Oil or BTO into wax or Budder?

    this is easy to do.. my buddys here have a wicked way to make budder.. step 1. make a tube of trim and gas it.. oil will flow out the filter end step 2. now you have your oil in a liquid take a jug of hot water.. YES HOT WATER.. and add it into the yellow oil and watch what happens.. its...
  3. Devilsharvest

    some rooms

    lol every one says that how do you get into them.. I call it walking on a sea of green.. on this system im use 3.5 liter pots there is about 400 in that room.. they are packed in and the strongest surrive .. I can stand on the pots .. it take a little skill and im not that fat so I move in and...
  4. Devilsharvest

    A Clone Room

    wow man nice babys how long do they take to root for you and are you useing root gel or powder
  5. Devilsharvest

    Tent City!!!!! 2x 10'x20' Mammoth Tents!!!

    very very nice man.. sweet grow show
  6. Devilsharvest

    DarkStar Taste?

    it taste like baby shit.. I had the cut from adam and it was the shitest thing we put down last year.. coffee shop rename it just to sell it no one here does it any more.. not worth it
  7. Devilsharvest

    some rooms

    cheese more pix
  8. Devilsharvest

    some rooms

    check it out
  9. Devilsharvest

    uk cheese

    thers only one cheese and thats the exodus.. its all over the dam now no more BBC or fake cheese just the real deal
  10. Devilsharvest

    How to make good quality bubble hash quickly and easily - a step by step guide

    very nice traed man.. I add my bit ,, when you get the wet product I put in on coffee filters ( lots ) then I break it up with a card so I move it over to fresh fliters each cut up.. so I get out all the water as fast as I can and with less of a risk of getting mold.. I leave it dry for the week...
  11. Devilsharvest

    Devilsharvest seeds

    hey man I got the seeds going now will be here soon
  12. Devilsharvest

    1st timers grow part 2

    love your shows every time man I must try your beans 13 dwag sounds wicked
  13. Devilsharvest

    Strawberry Bubba, Fire Bubba and White BubbleGum

    very very very nice man
  14. Devilsharvest

    How many ppm for rooted clones Veg ??

    I start my E.C at 1.0 give them a light feed ..
  15. Devilsharvest

    Devils Casey J

    casey j hey man im very good.. casey is the best so good to work with this one.. I just did some iceolater casey j and it is killer.. I got some more tricks to come..
  16. Devilsharvest

    Devils Casey J

    this is a 12 lamp room and a 8 lamp room next to it.. its a basic water system.. I have a rez connected to a timer and pumps feed with a garden hose .. I line the floor with pound line and make a small pool..I spread it 3 ways and fill about a half inch of water all over the floor the 3.5 liter...
  17. Devilsharvest

    Devils John Doe

    check it thats better...
  18. Devilsharvest

    Devils Casey J

    more casey j just about to cut this one
  19. Devilsharvest

    Devils John Doe

    Ill take better pix soon.. sorry for the neck pain
  20. Devilsharvest

    Devils Casey J

    ha we put that up in a week...hard work man.. ill show some pix on how we water
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