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  1. Smoking Gun

    Please need helps freezing plant is she dead ?

    That plant has been going since June? It should have been harvested a long time ago. That plant is at the point it is going to try and re-veg now that the days are getting longer again. The flower formation is minimal at best indicating there was some artificial light hitting it through its...
  2. Smoking Gun

    My Latest Rolling Tray.

    WHAT!!! Thats awesome. Congrats dude.
  3. Smoking Gun

    How Truthful Are The Posts On This Site?

    I lie as much and as often as I can on here. Why would I let anyone in on my secret to getting 5 pounds per light? Then I have to compete with all you pleebs who now have my secret recipe. Its all lies, don't believe anything you read on the internet.
  4. Smoking Gun

    The Skunky Dunk farm

    Like anything there is a bit of a learning curve when moving to LED from HPS, the plants do not respond the same ways. Because LED offers a much broader spectrum of light more elements of photosynthesis are going on in relation to plants growing under HPS. What is typically seen is a greater...
  5. Smoking Gun

    Ground up grow build

    I would recommend top dressing with insect frass. It goes a long way in getting the plants natural defense system into high gear, plus they love the nutrients it provides.
  6. Smoking Gun

    Ground up grow build

    Diesel, I think you need some more plants in there I can see some space on the table.
  7. Smoking Gun

    Ground up grow build

    This kind of thing happened to me a few weeks ago too, well, more than a few, before the Covid outbreak. I had to have a plumber come over because of issues with the main drain out from the house. He walks into my place and says where are the plants? I ask him what plants? (Mind you I have a...
  8. Smoking Gun

    twister t4 vs centrion pro mini

    Centurion is a better product. However if you are throwing the buds through wet make sure you have the correct tumbler set for the Twister, there are dry trim models and wet trim models.
  9. Smoking Gun

    Why are leaves on my clone doing this?????

    Its a very slight stress reaction. Do not change anything, do not try and correct any mistake. As long as everything else is on point the plant will be fine. It happens to my plants every now and then, it has no effect on the final results of the plant.
  10. Smoking Gun

    What causes this type of growth/structure

    I see no problems. You have a plant that genetically wants to grow like a vine. Just trim as necessary. Clean up anything too close to the main stem, but I am not sure why you think there is a problem with your plants.
  11. Smoking Gun

    where is everyone getting Seeds!!!

    You are 100% correct, there are lots of Blueberry varieties out there, and no not all are rip-offs of DJ Shorts work. My point was that most of the blueberry seeds that were sold out of Amsterdam were rip-offs of DJ's work. However DJ Short did a proper breeding project to create his Blueberry...
  12. Smoking Gun

    where is everyone getting Seeds!!!

    This and the fact that they are rip-off artists at best. They are not breeders, in fact they are taking the hard work real breeders have done and making F2 seeds (maybe, who knows what generation they are actually working with) that may or may not actually give you the plants you are looking...
  13. Smoking Gun

    the beach house

    Those numbers are really for the large commercial grower. Those numbers are the earliest harvest date to get a product than can hit market and still make some money. The small grower is going to let those same varieties go a bit longer typically because there is less emphasis on quick...
  14. Smoking Gun

    the beach house

    I love that knobby look on the Bubblegum, its very much a growth trait on varieties from the 90's. I have a Cindy99 That is getting that knobby look and I just love it. How does she smell, like the pink bubblegum from baseball card packs?
  15. Smoking Gun

    Over or Under Watered?

    Both of those plants look over watered. Don't let them sit in the runoff water.
  16. Smoking Gun

    Cloning in water:root or mould?

    Its really tough to tell from those pics, way too blurry, but if I had to say it looks like the cutting putting on the callous before it throws roots.
  17. Smoking Gun

    where is everyone getting Seeds!!!

    Here, The farm is a good place to get seeds.
  18. Smoking Gun

    The Skunky Dunk farm

    Oyy, that is really rough. I hope you guys are doing alright. Keep an eye on your health for the next few days, hospitals are not a place I want to be at the moment. Hopefully this at least means you get a new truck.
  19. Smoking Gun


    What brand of potting soil are you using? It looks like it has very little drainage and will retain moisture far too long. I see no perlite, which is a staple of commercially available potting soils.
  20. Smoking Gun


    I can't tell if you are using peat moss or a bagged soil, but it does not look like you used potting soil; did you buy top soil and put it in those containers? As @Beachwalker already stated your medium is far too wet, there is nothing in there, like perlite or clay pebbles, providing air...
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