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  1. the rrock

    Feminized seeds growing male help!

    yea so maybe you will have some seeds for next grow,who did you get the seeds from
  2. the rrock

    Whats the best strain for you guys

    Yeah depends, with no previous tolerance to this pheno your in for a minimum 6-8 hr ride, if you build a tolerance it’s still not a thing you would want to smoke before work. This I had like 20 years ago from sensi catalog.HK back then was a huge yielder also so all my friends got bags also...
  3. the rrock

    Whats the best strain for you guys

    Hindu Kush (sensi)
  4. the rrock

    For Sale Three pack of GMO.

    What is SMF ab rev?
  5. the rrock

    Help please I need this as soon as possible please

    How many plants look like thts
  6. the rrock

    Spiderfarmer. Don’t argue the ability to produce 🔥

    definitely overthinking ii can tell from 5 feet away if a plant is ready or not, why 15-20% ,why not 30-40%I let em grow until they stop maturing. counting trichomes LOL
  7. the rrock

    Fems: Irie Bebop, Golden Goat, Sannie Sugar Punch, Ethos Planet of the Grapes

    nice job,The sugar punch a blast from the past,grew them about 15 years ago along with herijuana and killing fields,Sannie is a stand up guy.Also didnt know the GG was part romulan,not seeing it,yours looks like all sativa
  8. the rrock

    Autos or photoperiods - What do you prefer?

    been growing photos since 77 with great success,.I have no interest in autos,other than BMW.Not looking to cut corners(quality first)
  9. the rrock

    Looking for a strain Gods Gift

    yeah I grew it,like 25 years ago,wasnt a gift from God,just broken promises and shattered dreams.
  10. the rrock

    so i made canna butter

    I use grade AAA bud in my oil/butter> 1dose=feeling great,>2X and im a zombie. I quit giving them away as people thionk theyre gonna die because 2 high(just gotta ride it out)
  11. the rrock

    Fudge's candy shop - The Never-ending Story

    nice job on the Bubblegum,from which where did you source it?clone or seed?
  12. the rrock

    Are these GSC buds done?

    is this an autoflower GSC?
  13. the rrock

    East Island Seeds what happened to them? danger*

    I grew the DT about 20+ years ago(east island) and it didnt finish that fast,was good smoke.Try GDP if you want a fast finisher,IMO better smoke also,ive heard from friends in BC tha dutch treat has been watered down over the years.
  14. the rrock

    Charity work

    see your girl got smart and GTFO,
  15. the rrock


    sounds like your back on the needle,what about your snakeoil?Didnt pan out eh?
  16. the rrock

    I have problems growing my kush

    e-bros=funniest thing ive ever read on this farm.your post pretty much sums up the new wave of post covid wannabe growers
  17. the rrock

    Wanted Accurate OG kush seeds under $250?

    Bodhi always had some awesome OG strains, ancient OG was killer, ive grown out True OG,OG18 etc,etc. The best Kush strain IMO is Hindu Kush from sensi,certain phenos just blow peoples mind with the mind numbing strength,I havent grown this strain for over 15 years but im going to reintroduce it...
  18. the rrock

    Any HVAC guys in here can advise on low pressure switch

    Is it 10K in each room and what size rooms?, s. Why dont the guy troubleshoot the zone controls as its pretty basic stuff.
  19. the rrock

    Overnight death! Please help

    no doubt
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