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    Hollow Branches!! Please Look, Comment!!

    It's very nice to rescue some truths of things that could go down as urban myths, most deffo hollow branches mean bigger specimens within the same strain. I'm not sure if also means better, because there are situations, such very small rooms, where a shorter pheno is preferred. That just...
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    Reeferman's Hindu Kush x Haze vegging outdoors

    Thanx again GM, it's good to see it recurring. The chaotic branching structure i thought it was a thai thing, i was surprised to see it again. Seems they will keep me company until december, then. Hi there BigHerb, thanks for coming. Seeds from Reef maybe aren't famous for germ rates, hermie...
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    World Cup South Africa Any other team could be rising the cup, but as it happens, it was us. Bit of a party, yeah, even here in the mountains that no one likes football, but yesterday did. It was a fuckin' beauty...
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    Reeferman's Hindu Kush x Haze vegging outdoors

    Thanks for the input, GreenMind. Those genes are something else, talk about old school! I had a thai skunk haze which looked strangely similar. Being the haze the "common" father, is this what we could call a haze pheno, so far by the looks? (there's a leaf in 2nd photo of 1rst post) Just...
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    Reeferman's Hindu Kush x Haze vegging outdoors

    We put a few seeds, guess they were old, so what, came with one single female, first two available clones outside last week in april. Been in veg for eleven weeks and still it will be about 4 more weeks before they start flowering. Does it look anything like the description? Hindu Kush x Haze...
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    World Cup South Africa

    I want Spain to win, and you ought to support it too. The reason is simple: if Spain wins people are happier and the post is quicker. If Spain loses, postmen will walk sloooowly. The might even go on strike. Maybe I'm biased because i'm spanish, what the hell.
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    Alien Autopsy

    A very cool thread, NVthis, it's looking like a much needed manual for the AK. Good ratios 7/5, it does give a nice relative choice for both parentals. It's lucky also you've got the lvpk to compare, and a nice cut at that. For how long are you vegging them AKs? Looking forward the end of the...
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    Two questions about choice

    Salut M420K. Well, i understand that there must already be some hermie traits in the lines i'm playing with, as there's some Chemdawg and SMCG in the progenie. I don't fear them hermies as long as they're old school and therefore no reversed with chemicals, but working out those traits...
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    Two questions about choice

    Thanks very much True Grit. I believe we're talking about CS reversal with these ones, despite being a well chosen parental. You answer my question quite well, and if chemically stressed fems are altering somehow the original plant' genes, then aren't worth to breed with. It's a short cut for...
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    Two questions about choice

    When pollenchucking, you consider a S1 1) Will the outcoming seeds have any fertility issues, such not being fertile, (or am i eating too much monsanto corn)? 2) Will the outcoming seeds have turn-to-hermafrodite sensibility in them? (or will a strong father level with that?) I'd be happy...
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    Landrace varieties, who has grown them?

    Check in this forum for Tropical Seeds, sharing the path of Cannabiogen and ACE, they know their job and got some long work on several landraces, both sativas and indicas. I grew some of their Purple Pakistani in crosses. Also CBG's Taskenti, which i suppose has a bit of something in it to help...
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    Rabbi's presents :The Fabulos Fury Freak Brothers

    About a year ago, i found this
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    The Pollen Chuckers Club! Homemade Crosses only...

    Well, i was gonna show my own pollen chucking but you stole the show, Dr, with that graphic proof of success you're past the pollenchucker period, more like the owner of a fert clinic for the superstars. Superb palette of colors. Can only guess about the rest of virtues, but surely it covers the...
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    Growing Tobacco

    I grow some tobacco outdoors. Leaves are huge, allow them to grow and pull out any flowers (been told it gets smoother taste), then leave it to mature a bit more until you see some yellowing, (some people allow it longer to mature in the same plant) then hang it upside down leaf by leaf like...
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    the top 10 strains of all time

    I'd add the Love Potion 1 in any top ten list. Not the best in anything, just very good in most aspects, distinct, special, good yielder, fast sativa, delicious smell and taste, happy high, very rich in different dominances, sweet lemon, cinnamon, nutty, easy growing, good eater, easy to clone...
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    El Perro de otro Planeta de Ojorojo

    This is one of those RedEye's f2 Aliendogs, superb stuff. Put two seeds, got two different phenos in size and bud forming, but similar in flavour, only this one got a stronger aroma. As it's so pungent, i thought first it was what's been described as the "ether pheno", but the more it cures the...
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    Poppy flowers (somniferum) anyone?

    When the petals fall and the pod stands fat, as seen in the smiley face up there.
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    Hollow Branches!! Please Look, Comment!!

    Thanks, Mass420, that's something else learned today. Now, i've just chopped two plants of the same variety, still drying, both indoors under the same conditions, both similar pheno, the one with hollow stem (and also cellulose) was a bigger yielder and i've already chose it as a keeper, but...
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    Hollow Branches!! Please Look, Comment!!

    Ok, this cellulose build up because of strengthening the stem explains why. But still dunno how can you get hollow stems. Is it a question of not dancing the plant, or protect it outdoors from strong winds so it doesn't need a sturdier stem? Can it only be approached with instinct or long...
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    deny watering last week of flower

    Thanx Big Al. Yeah, the bloody freebies you get here in the Bay resin so much that shadows our true skills as growers :thinking , dammit. This one's Redeye's Aliendog f2. Still convinced that carrying on with regular watering at the end doesn't pull that many trichs. :hi:
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