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    Strange larvae on leaves with black spots as well

    the black stuff on the leaf is not worm shit. it is a black mold that grows on the worm shit. have fun smoking that shit. hopefully it is not harmful. gonna go with foolsgold on this one. smoke molded worm shit weed if you want to.
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    LED Loupe. Best light to check trichomes?

    regular white light, like you have in a regular room in your house, i just pull mine under a fluro, and use my loupe to scope em, you will like that loupe much better than a damn cheap scope. i love mine, bought mone from a jeweler, i love the light on yours, that would be nice.
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    Put out my Grandaddy bout 3 weeks ago, starting to FLOWER!!!

    do whatever you want, you stuck clones in basically 12/12 light schedule and they went straight to flower, they will not reveg, they will flower, and in about ten weeks from set out date you can harvest. harvest at your 10 week window, and you will get dank, let the plant finish, and it will...
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    pre-grinding your weed

    i pre-grind a few grams, and put in a stash bottle and carry it with me, to smoke in my pipe during the day. i note no decline in taste or potency, but i don't grind a 1/4 pound at a time either.
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    Lemon Larry OG Kush 28 days and counting...

    elite catches so much shit, because he has got to be one of the stupidest mother fuckers to ever enter the world of seed sales. if you have any elite gear though, you damn sure won't be slagging on that shit. that stupid fucker created some pure damn fire he left us with.
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    Starting seeds outside in pots?

    starting seeds outside is great. nothing works like the sun and wind. quarantine them fuckers for a few days, and inspect closely when you bring them in. you could bring a fucking nightmare from the yard to inside.....but it does work well. just check em good before tossing them in your...
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    Magnetized water equals bigger buds?

    because you can make water do stupid pet tricks doesn't mean it will do shit for your plants. if this technology was anything more than snake oil, large scale farmers would be using it. good call nuttso.
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    What's in your head stash??

    lots of fucking dank in this room. but i gotta know, how is the snowcap romulan spanishped ?
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    What's in your head stash??

    ult. 91, fire og x white, sharksbreath, black widow, colorado white widow, querkle, mango, god bud, ak-47. herijuana, mendo purps,
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    Fire og,Tahoe og,Larry og,HA og,SFV og,White Fire,DUD,Original Sour Diesel

    nice looking weeds, just dropping by and peeking.
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    Blacklight Grow

    you walk into a room and all the fucking retards suddenly feel smarter. everyone does have their place.
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    Blacklight Grow

    are you fucking retarded ? hell you probably wouldn't know. too bad. your folks know you growing in your bedroom ?
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    '91 Chem, Lavender, NL5 '89 cut, Chem Kush, Lemon Larry OG, and Dbl SFV OG.

    wazzup big buddy, i popped a whole pack of soma lavender a week ago, i got 7 girls going, and hoping for that awesome pheno you used to post up. how ya been bro, haven't seen ya in a while.
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    1st time irish grower, help needed asap!! thanks!!

    how we doin here ?
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    1st time irish grower, help needed asap!! thanks!!

    your medium looks to be of poor quality. no pearlite, lookin like mud. it appears your medium is too wet, and not draining and drying well at all. and how are you gonna grow that many plants in one pot ? 1 plant per pot. separate them youngins now, or you gonna have a further mess. get a...
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    Which seed companies deliver to Australia?

    attitude seed bank will get your beans to you guaranteed. greatest seed bank on the planet right now.
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    Mold on my nugs, well into cure doh!

    the lettuce is probably what started your problem. weed can hardly be too dry. it would have moistened up some when it went in the jar by itself, without the lettuce. i would toss the whole jar in the trash, it's shit now. shit that will kill you if you smoke it.
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    Holy anointing oil and holy shit!

    there was no bho in the bible. so comparing the two is apples to oranges. cool recipe none the less
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    what if we don't live with mom ? lol
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    guano tea has very low ph do I need to raise it or just buffer

    quit putting so much shit in your teas. more is not better. if you want a guano tea. make a guano tea. period. i use worm castings or chicken shit to make teas. all you need is the guano to accomplish what you are doing. for 20 gallons of tea, the amount of ph up you are using is little. up...
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