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  1. BadBud3

    MmJoy my grow with Me

    Do you have a fan on them?
  2. BadBud3

    Rso yeild .

    The SOP I use yields 3.5 to 5 grams per oz.
  3. BadBud3

    Curing to make RSO. Need guidance.

    If you get an infrared temp gun you can check the temp in your oven and keep it consistent. The Ardent will do about an ounce max, I wouldn't recommend one. YOu're talking about decarbing and curing which are two different things.
  4. BadBud3

    Cannarado grumpz. Teaser. And more soon....

    That's some pretty stuff.
  5. BadBud3

    Expert Seeds "Sweet Zombie" under 2 Gavita Pro 1700e LED's..............

    I did my first indoor run (haha) in a Phototron.
  6. BadBud3

    Deep in the Heart of ...

    Nice setup really slick and clean. Plants look healthy. subbed
  7. BadBud3

    Expert Seeds "Sweet Zombie" under 2 Gavita Pro 1700e LED's..............

    I'm going with 111 this run. I still like 69 though
  8. BadBud3

    Down to Earth or Humboldts Secret

    I haven't used either of the products you mentioned. However, i use this and like it lots. It's pre buffered too.
  9. BadBud3

    Super Oct Giveaway, Spider Farmer

    #311 @Mimed @Beachwalker @sshz
  10. BadBud3

    Reusing coco and why you wouldn’t

    This is my third grow with this batch.
  11. BadBud3

    Reusing coco and why you wouldn’t

    I reuse mine without issue.
  12. BadBud3

    Reliable seed bank ?...

    You guys ever try HOuse of Seafood over in Bush, La? The best seafood buffet in the world.
  13. BadBud3

    Question about 4-4-4 dry amendments for early veg

    I believe you'll find you want that perlite.
  14. BadBud3

    Just share some my channel and post here

    Beauties for sho
  15. BadBud3

    Irie Seeds "Orange Gasm" under Gavita Pro 1700e LED's..........

    I can't believe no one has 69, please let me in as a sentimental favorite.
  16. BadBud3

    First time grow with Hempy and foxfarms

    I love Hempy grows. Hempy = simple to me. I use coco and 25 to 30% pearlite as my medium. I feed only Floranova Bloom the entire run and supplement with Calimagic as needed. no ph/ppm meter used (although I have them...I did use them to see my well water ph once). I feed most every day...
  17. BadBud3

    Using pond water and dont know who else to ask

    I really like your new place. I would think you would be fine taking 600 gallons a day out of a 1/2 acre pond, as long as you replenish the water. Ecosystems can be fragile so I would just keep an eye on the flora, faunta, and sub systems.
  18. BadBud3

    My Disappointing, even PATHETIC Grow!

    You've made tremendous progress, way to stick with your grow!
  19. BadBud3

    Swole Grows Perpetually

    Real nice work.
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