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  1. Bad Words

    First Time Customer But I'll Be Back!

    Just got my order of Pope von Alien from PNW Roots and Aliendawg x Polarbear OG from Greenpoint Seeds. Super stoked to grow out these strains! Loved the inexpensive shipping and really loved the 5 fat free seeds tossed in with my order. Thanks so much, Pete
  2. Bad Words

    Thcfarmer Black Friday & Cyber Monday

    Would love a surprise drop from Apex or Alien to spend my entire Black Friday/Cyber Monday budget!! Thanks for the discount!
  3. Bad Words

    Advanced Lighting Shootout- New 500W Plasma, Plasma+LED, Blackdog LED..

    I have been doing some research on lights prior to my first grow and I must say I am extremely interested in how this turns out. I have read up on both the Chameleon and Rocket as well as many of the LED makers as well. Spyder just raised their prices by 50% as I was going to buy 2 of their...
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