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    Cherry Kush, Cherry Kush, or Cherry Kush

    Hi Breeders, A strain called "Cherry Kush" was prevalent in Massachusetts and NH dispensaries Summer/Fall of 2018. My partner absolutely fell in love with it, stocked up, and is now out. Her b-day is coming up in November so I'd love to track the strain down and add it to my grow cycle...
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    FNG from North East

    Hi, I've ended up here several times in the past while researching grow and strain info. THCF has some very knowledgeable members. Figured it was time to join.
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    Ballasts cutting my internet and tv

    Sounds like RF leak. It also sounds pretty strong if it's getting through the cable wire shielding. Cable companies have guys driving the lines with RF leak detectors looking for leaks to fix. They have to do this because the FCC does fly-overs and fines the cable companies for RF leaks since...
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