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  1. Beazy

    Making some hash with dry soft powder

    That looks like it will press just fine.I just put mine in the corner of a zip loc bag and get some water boiling in a shallow frying pan shut it off n let it cool just a bit then lay the corner of baggie with powder in it in the hot water for 30 secs or so pull out hit with rolling pin repeat...
  2. Beazy

    The BEST strains of all time. Vote here!

    THE REAL Pinconning paralyzer !!!
  3. Beazy

    Young clone just went limp

    Cut the top off of a 2 liter pop bottle and put over the clone to get humidity up
  4. Beazy

    Wanted Giant Sluricane seed?

    Looks like a sun flower seed !! Stashed by a mouse maybe ??
  5. Beazy

    Plants seem to be re-vegging

    There is nothing on those flowers that says re veg !!!! It’s just still growing and has lots o time before its done !! AGAIN, NOT RE VEGGING just not done !! Good luck
  6. Beazy

    Woohoo!!!!! Look what I found :)

    Get em poppin any way you can.I hope ya keep this updated cuz I’m sure everyone would like to see what comes from them !! I know I’ll be watching. Good luck hope you find gold !!!
  7. Beazy

    Male of female plants? Also what is this??

    Love to see those knots at the nodes.That just means it’s gonna have some strong branches to hold some huge buds bud !!!
  8. Beazy

    Lets see your 2020 Outdoor Plants!

    Great ta see ya safe
  9. Beazy

    Dragons Flame Genetics 2020 and beyond...

    Man that uk cheese x aloha white widow sounds like a winner. Have you run those before ?? If so any pics ?
  10. Beazy

    Capt's Farms is going for it

    Look into a bucket trap, easy to make and real efficient and no need to re set they just keep on killin !!
  11. Beazy

    Usefull seeds Appalachian Pine

    Are you gonna be popping the pine tar or the x mas buds soon ?? Lucky charms looks nice, whats the flavor like ??
  12. Beazy

    Usefull seeds Appalachian Pine

    Thats the one im lookin for !!!!
  13. Beazy

    Usefull seeds Appalachian Pine

    If I find something worth while I might !! I just did a few different crosses so I got lots O’ beans already but always huntin
  14. Beazy

    Usefull seeds Appalachian Pine

    Anyone ever run any of these beans ?? Looking for a very piney flavor, not pinesol pine but like a white pine or blue spruce kinda pine taste. Any and all recommendations are welcome for something solid !! Thanks in advance !!
  15. Beazy

    Lets see your 2019 outdoor plants!

    Honestly doesn’t look anywhere near done to me !! I’d let it all go longer
  16. Beazy

    Funny sex, one side is female other is like a bud

    Looks like a normal female flower to me
  17. Beazy

    Mars Hydro Giveaway Time: Come and Win New TS or SP Grow Kit

    I want MARS hydro sp250/tsw2000 with tent cuz I have a bunch of seeds that need popping and getting tired of doing 1or 2 at a time !! Thanks for the opportunity !!!!
  18. Beazy

    AK 47 Auto flower harvest time.? Check my pic please 😊😊. Noob to autos

    Couple more weeks I’d say at least
  19. Beazy

    plant split in two at stock

    Should be fine, painters tape works great in this situation !!!! I’ve split and broken many o branches and never had any probs taping em up !!!
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