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  1. Frosty78

    Building out 2 45 ft shipping container for an indoor grow

    dont forget condensation through the steel. im building a container home. you need to spray foam it with a closed cell polyurethane foam like versi kit 50. that stuff is expensive as all hell. you can get away without the roof being sprayed if you intend on putting a pitched roof on it and using...
  2. Frosty78

    Wanted Australian seeds

    od has some seeds for sale too. i got fems and regs, autos as give aways with a pack sold.
  3. Frosty78

    Wanted Australian seeds

    jump on the website. have a look.
  4. Frosty78

    Good morning from Oz

    gday mate
  5. Frosty78

    Giveaway - Spider Farmer SF1000 LED Grow Light

  6. Frosty78

    Wanted Whos got good strain seeds and can post to sydney

    Cause the fella is staunch and not a rat.
  7. Frosty78

    Males or females (still vegging)

    Get rid of them. Balls
  8. Frosty78

    Please help save my plants.

    Don't forget to put perlite in your mix too. I'm pretty sure that mix h as none.
  9. Frosty78

    Do you Recognize this dark purplish ?

    Did you get frosts or quite cold weather?
  10. Frosty78

    Please help save my plants.

    It may be compacted and waterlogged. I wouldn't water it for a few days and.when I did I would use a very diluted h202solution. Ie a teaspoon for 1-2lt. Tank water. That will help if you are in early stages. Bonus is it charges soil with extra 0xygen ion which will help if you have compacted...
  11. Frosty78

    Please help save my plants.

    How often are you watering. I'd stop watering for a couple of days
  12. Frosty78

    Shipping Containers for Drying Flower

    Refrigerated container would be your first starting point
  13. Frosty78

    Madmax's first grow in coco coir

    Better to start small and then replicate and expand once you're happy and have all the kinks ironed out and are happy with your design. Saves you more dollars in the long run. Looks good mate.
  14. Frosty78

    Madmax's first grow in coco coir

    Rooms looking good max
  15. Frosty78

    Madmax's first grow in coco coir

    It was express post to a mutual friend. Luckily he hasn't got it yet. Still in Melb.
  16. Frosty78

    Madmax's first grow in coco coir

    AUSTRALIA is seriously slow atm. Particularly if Melbourne Victoria
  17. Frosty78

    Dose anyone grow fruit n veg in your back yards .

    You can see the difference between worm juice and straight water. Chalk n cheese
  18. Frosty78

    New genetics in a de house

    No boss here, no chiefs all indians
  19. Frosty78

    New genetics in a de house

    I'm looking forward to seeing your new arrivals mate.
  20. Frosty78

    Support THCFarmer and become a patron today!

    No worries fellas. Thanks for being inviting. Good forum
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