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  1. PinkyDaDevil

    Jack Herer X Starfighter F1 - Alien Irene (fem) - Skunk Ape

    Negative, these were F2s made by Jaws from the original Starfighter release.
  2. PinkyDaDevil

    Jack Herer X Starfighter F1 - Alien Irene (fem) - Skunk Ape

    Thanks, I know the Alien Irene should pop something nice out because I've ran a few before. The Skunk Ape should have some super killer phenos as well. And I made the Jack x Starfighter :) A couple buddies and I did quite a few Starfighter crosses this past summer.
  3. PinkyDaDevil

    Jack Herer X Starfighter F1 - Alien Irene (fem) - Skunk Ape

    Just popped 11 Jack x Starfighter beans that we made this past summer. Going to dig through them slowly and see what kind of gems I can find. Also in the mix is a couple Alien Irene from OBS - Franchise Genetics and 3 Skunk Ape (Grunk x Yeti bx2) from Loompa. Pictures to come of those after they...
  4. PinkyDaDevil

    Got A Question For Nspecta

    He's on Instaspam, if you're on that.
  5. PinkyDaDevil


    I am lucky indeed, cant wait to smell and taste what comes out of these gems! Thank you guys. I couldn't decide on what I wanted so I just told Oom pah pah to give me the "growers choice" pick. :)
  6. PinkyDaDevil


    I need to get cracking on popping my Grunk x Yeti
  7. PinkyDaDevil

    The Pollen Chuckers Club! Homemade Crosses only...

    Couple things the gromigo and I did over the summer. The pictured nug is Jack Herer. Crossed everything we had with a Starfighter male.
  8. PinkyDaDevil

    So Many Cookies

    @kinger has a real nice cookie cross. Platinum GSC x Grateful Breath We call it the cookie breath. Look him up on I.g. mkultratrees
  9. PinkyDaDevil

    Chem Talk

    TopDawg has the 91 I'm pretty sure.
  10. PinkyDaDevil


    Yes indeed, close to Lodi.
  11. PinkyDaDevil


    I have another question, if I pop some fem beans then reverse one of them to get some pollen, then use said pollen to pollinate the remaining females, am I going to end up with more fem beans?
  12. PinkyDaDevil

    Crippy! '86 Og Kush

    I'm pretty positive I heard this supakauai guy call in to the Adam Dunn show, said his Dad and some other guy were the original breeders of it. :rolleyes:
  13. PinkyDaDevil

    What Would You Do With 50 Or More Strains

    Probably do what my buddy and I already do, which is talk about everything we have but never come to a conclusion on what to pop and do with it. Huge varieties are so difficult to choose which ones to use. Lol
  14. PinkyDaDevil

    Greenpoint seeds

    All 10 beans popped, and waiting for them to breach soil. Saw 2 babies peeking through this morning before I left for work.
  15. PinkyDaDevil

    Greenpoint seeds

    Yes sir, same s/n as here. @organicpanic
  16. PinkyDaDevil

    Greenpoint seeds

    Didn't get any other crosses due to finance issues but got the tester pack yesterday, getting ready to set the tent up this weekend.
  17. PinkyDaDevil

    Greenpoint seeds

    Thanks @organicpanic there definitely should be something great in all of these. I was thinking about grabbing some extra packs of something different too possibly when they have the sale.
  18. PinkyDaDevil

    Greenpoint seeds

    I'll be testing the Tres Sister x Monster Cookies.
  19. PinkyDaDevil

    concentrate porn thread

    Jack's Cleaner sugar leaf/larf run I did for a friend. Little less than a QP of material, 10 gram return. Super terpy
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