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    UK: £80 spot fines for cannabis

    pmsl G
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    hello to all

    Welcome to the forum bro. Look forward to seeing your grow, DWC plants always put a smile on my face, the growth on them babies is amazing. G
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    Hello... I'm a new member!

    Great to have you onboard. G
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    new comer

    Congrats on your decision to ditch the dealer. Come first harvest you'll be kicking yourself for not doing it sooner. Good luck with the grow. G
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    When is my misses gonna pop??

    Congrats on the nipper front. Someones gonna be a busy boy soon. Get your sleep while you can :laugh: If your little un's like me then it won't stick to schedules so I'll go for the 15th, 7:38am according to my tea leaves. G
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    Bit of this and bit of that

    A couple of weeks later. G
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    What's up

    Welcome to the farm dude. You'll find me in a quiet corner with the bong :p G
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    ThcBuz in the house

    Welcome 'buz. Enjoy your stay at the farm. G
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    London Calling

    Hey Fast Forward, I'm a Brit myself, and I went through the same thing a few years back when the fuzz stepped up their busts and all that happened was the rise of grit (congrats UK fuzz, job well done). Once you start growing you'll never look back. Drop me a line if I can be of any...
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    hi all

    I think I've seen some of your grows before, welcome brother. G
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    Hi THC F members

    Welcome aboard, I'm sure you'll enjoy it here G
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    oi oi

    Nice name LB. Welcome to the farm G
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    Bit of this and bit of that

    A few pics of the flower room. Still a way to go but they're all kicking into life now so I might have something a bit sexier next update. :p G
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    hi guys :)

    What they all said, welcome.:laugh: G
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    nice place to be

    Welcome aboard. Nice to have another wise head on board. G
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    THCfarmer Auctions Open Friday 27th

    Nice work Logic. I wants me a bit of that Kushberry. Have you sorted alternative payment options or is it cash stuffed into a plain brown envelope :p G
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    Bit of this and bit of that

    The close up's the rhino but they've all come on a bit since then. I'll try and get off my arse and get some more pics up at the weekend. :p Sorry for being rubbish at keeping diaries :laugh: G
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    HI Everyone

    Welcome Brother, and I agree the auctions look ace. G
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    Welcome to the Farm man. G
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    just checking it out

    Welcome Bananaman, seen your work about, respect. G
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