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    Dutch crack down on marijuana tourism

    Nothing new there... the CC is already fucked up... lol...
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    need subcools super soil recipe PLEASE!!!!

    2:1 ffof : Lw Hi, I've seen posts where Subby suggests as an alternate to Roots to use 2 bags of FFOF to 1 bag of Foxfarm Light Warrior. FFOF is a bit 'hot' to use it with all of the Supersoil amendments so it's good to cut the strength a bit with LW and it also gives the root zone an...
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    another hydroton question

    All I gotta say is DON'T step on any hydroton with bare feet! :sick0018:
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    FFOF Soil To Hot?

    Yup... YES! You are correct on all of the above... Rock ON!:beer
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    FFOF Soil To Hot?

    Yes and no... Congrats on post #50! nice... NO offense to the hydro store dudes but in about a decade of perusing marijuana forums I've never seen anyone have anything but a very *slight* burn on some leaf tips when using FFOF for seedlings. I don't grow my veggies in it so maybe they...
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    FFOF Soil To Hot?

    Sometimes it's too hot for seedlings... HI, I've been using Subcool's much more amended soil mix lately but I used FFOF for many years. It's some great soil but I've had it burn my new born seedlings before. They soon grow out of it and go on their way so it's nothing severe but I've seen...
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    Best Brand of Digital Ballast?

    Quantum gets my vote... I love my Quantum 1K. I've had it about 6 months and it's been solid. The dimmable voltage feature has given me a lot of flexibility when temps and humidity were at their peak about a month ago. In addition to running at 1K, I can dim the ballast to 75% for 750w or...
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    Which online grow shop do you prefer? HI, If you're in the states is a very well stocked online gardening source. They have consistently the best prices I can find and they'll often match any lower price you find elsewhere. They have 3 west coast and two south central and south...
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    need subcools super soil recipe PLEASE!!!!

    Subcool's latest 'tweak' to the Supersoil Recipe... Hi, I've recently gotten into using Subcool's Supersoil mix and did a lot of reading in all the threads I could find on a half dozen different forums. Subby seems to hang his hat over on Breedbay and after asking him some questions here is...
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    Blue mountain organics

    BMO Rocks! Hi, I can't speak highly enough of BMO and their customer support. Bill has been a wealth of info on organics for me and the SPT activates my organic soil better than ever. Here are a link for you to check out: Happy...
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    organic soil tray growing

    How Deep is your tray? HI, How deep is your tray? I use 10 gal 'tall' grip lip containers that are 15 and 1/2 inches tall and I think Subcool uses similar. I do know that when I've used larger containers and examine the rootball after a grow, most of the roots grow down as opposed to out...
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    check out these crazy spinning lights!!

    Wow... Geeez... That is crazy... It makes the grow room look like the midway rides at the county fair! My luck I'd bend down to do something and stand up too close to the thing and WHAM! :icon_dizzy: Thinman has a good idea... slow them WAY down and use it as a light mover with a 1K...
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    Which strain to go with

    THSeeds "The Hog" Hi, I'm just back in the game after a 3 year hiatus but I grew THSeeds "The Hog" for about 5 years and it's a killer strain. Very heavy buzz and a great yielding strain. It also is great for indoors with a classic indica 'Christmas Tree' bushy, short stature plant with...
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    walk-in cooler grow, how to disassemble?

    There's your bloom room! Hi, I've had so many challenges dealing with hot grow rooms over the years that I have actually had this *fantasy* about growing in a walk in cooler and YOU want to take it apart? t's too bad that you can't turn that into a bloom space and set the refrigeration unit...
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    $ per kwh, what are you paying

    Oh! Move the decimal point! Yeah it's easier than it sounds as far as KWH goes... it's simply how many 1000 watts are used in a given hour. I thought that my total sounded pretty high but no half as high as I was! lol... Those damn decimal points and the lack of synapses firing can...
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    How many hours are your lights on?

    Thanks... Shantibaba speaks much wisdom... Mr. Nice have such amazing genetics in their seed bank. I think I'll add another 1/2 hour to my darkness for the next week to get to 10/14... Peace!:damnhippie:
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    Rapid Rooter Starter tray's...

    Tiny bubbles... Rapid Rooter plugs work great. I had quicker rooting when I kept my trays on heat mats to warm the plugs to around 75º-80º. I always used a tall humidity dome over my plugs and I mist the cuttings every few hours the first day and decrease the misting once they stand up and...
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    $ per kwh, what are you paying

    Um.... I'm REALLY baked but I think I can do this... If you run 15KW per hour (15KWH) for 12 hours per day that's a total of 180KWH each day. Multiply 180 x 30 days in an average month and you get 5400KWH. Multiply 5400KWH x a nickel = $2700 per month for 12/12 and I think $4050 for 18/6...
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    How many hours are your lights on?

    10.5/13.5 Hi, I'm playing with increasing the dark period in my current grow. On day 41 of flowering I started to add 10 minutes each day to the 'on' time in my bloom closet and I did this for 9 days until I arrived at a 10.5/13.5 for week 8. I'm growing a classic indica, Mazar that has...
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    Combo PH/EC Meter opinions?

    Hanna 9813-0 I'm with the other guys on the Hanna. I've had various models of 9813's for years. I recently had to replace my last one after it got flakey but this was after using it for 8 years. I found a 9813-0 for $159 w/shipping. They retail for around $200. Here's a link to the place I...
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