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    FFOF Soil To Hot?

    hell no its not too hot. theres just a shitload of sawdust in it nowadays, so id add 1 tbs/gl dolomite lime to ocean forest to prevent the ph from dropping around day 40-50 in soil, preventing the premature yellowing i see on so many ffof plants. if ur worried about it being too hot (which its...
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    Using Organic Maple Syrup

    last grow i used 1 tsp/gallon of the grade b maple syrup after the first flush. i wouldn't flush with it though, in fear of building up way too much shit in the rootzone before harvest, but after flushing with clean water i did a light watering with the syrup. ive always used a carb...
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    just got over my PH problem, now this..

    i got over fox farm nutes a while ago too. still use the soil, but i have to ammend it with perilite and dolomite lime at the least. id strongly recommend the pure blend pro line. ive tried so many bottled organic (or kind of) nutrients and while pbp isn't 1000% organic, it is complete with...
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    TK Runnin soil...WTF???

    wow that mix is coverin all the bases huh. very heatlthy. just h20? or addin somethin
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    what up farmers

    just sayin whats up. i finally got my thcbay up and im stoked. lookin for some bomb seeds maybe see what ograskal has. this place is much better that.... that other place. thanks
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    What´s the story behind the real Sour Diesel?

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    Shire Cut?

    if u wanted the shire cut, go to icma and make a good friend. the sssdh beans should be released sometime soon rez says
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    What´s the story behind the real Sour Diesel?

    yup pretty much. rez is comin out with a new ibl in a couple months. theyll prolly be goin for a million dollars tho. if u want ecsd, id make a good friend
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    Chem, OG, Diesel and Haze variations.

    damn. everythings looking nice:afroweed:
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