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  1. Str8Dank

    Mrs Spleefman's Bush

    bump it up what's been good bro? how is the grow going?
  2. Str8Dank

    souths coco schwag shack

    i see you over here killing it as normal bro! hahaha schwag bet you call your lambo a'hooptie' also...
  3. Str8Dank

    How can I get more uniform roots

    with coco I've found that frequent watering assist in building better root systems. if you treat coco like soil you will not get explosive growth of roots or above the pots the way you will with frequent (1-2x a day) watering. i too am a fan of RE but i think after 3 runs of using GH Rapid Start...
  4. Str8Dank

    need a new bong and a vape

    i'm not super concerned with portability i rarely smoke outside of home and if i am i will pull out the raw's. i'm going to look into the herbal aire thanks for the input! HAHA actually my wife not only outsmokes me but she will outsmoke 99% of people i know so that's not the problem. i think...
  5. Str8Dank

    need a new bong and a vape

    so my wife keeps breaking my pieces and well it's time for a new one. i dont want to list each thing she has broke but lets say at least 5 bowls or pipes in the last few months lol. anyways i was thinking about getting a triple perc water piece with a ice catcher but i'm wondering if this is...
  6. Str8Dank

    Attention All Root Pack Users

    Idk if someone said this or asked this yet as I didn't read all posts but I wonder how much cotton cellulose if any exists in smart pots.
  7. Str8Dank

    BHO Butter into cookies

    sounds clean, never used wax in edibles i'll give that a try sometime.
  8. Str8Dank

    mother room

    i dont mind either i've done both 18/6 and 24/0. i have a mom room when i thought i needed one and now i just use it as a dry room and keep moms in my veg room. if you need efficient mom's google 'bonsai moms' you will find a step by step way to build mothers that will take little space and be...
  9. Str8Dank

    mother room

    I've used mother plant it's good BUT its expensive AND i did not see any benefit over just using GH. personally it's all preference but i like to optimize my space and efficient with my money. because of this i use my veg nutrients which i buy in bulk and i keep moms in my veg room so just one...
  10. Str8Dank

    Blumat or other drip system... which is best?

    I'm doing my first drip run right now and so far I'm loving it. i used aqua turret 4 position dripper steaks (high, med, low, off) and a 290 gph pump and a titian digital timer that does one minute increments and up to 8 different on/off cycles ($20). I'm using 1/2" hose as a manifold line and...
  11. Str8Dank

    Octa Bubblers drain to waist DIY guide to setting up a watering system the way Jack does it..

    super clean, i just put up a drip system for this run. thought about getting a flow regulated manifold that had 1-2 gph outlets but ended up just using hose and 1/8" tubing.
  12. Str8Dank

    A few shots of my rooms growing in Beds with some new strains WIFI X SOUR D and...

    man that shot from below looks amazing. that's how you do it whip them in shape!
  13. Str8Dank

    20 light, 25 plant, Screen of Green

    super clean setup props for that, cant wait to see how your screen fills out.
  14. Str8Dank

    cool your room, not bulb/reflecter!

    So like I said I'd ask eye hortilux and here is their response, as expected dude in that video is full of bs....
  15. Str8Dank

    Best Tool For Trimming!

    these style of trimmers have been around for a long time and they were way cheaper then $800 when i last saw them.
  16. Str8Dank

    cool your room, not bulb/reflecter!

    now here are some numbers from a source that only has a objective of making their customer happy. sure they may have a better margin on some then others but i trust that this didn't influence their results.
  17. Str8Dank

    10k,sealed room, coco roots, raceway table.

    nice pics man thanks, i'll be building one soon! sorry for the random post in your thread i had two windows for the farm open and clicked on the wrong one!
  18. Str8Dank

    10k,sealed room, coco roots, raceway table.

    you can use the wp after transplant just fine. i use the granular stuff at transplant it's cheap and works.
  19. Str8Dank

    Chiller broke.. gonna try Coco

    you don't want to use lucas you want to use the h3ad formula which is 6ml/gal micro and 9ml/gal bloom this is a better nutrient profile the new ratio was calculated by h3ad specifically for coco. cal mag is not needed by most they say but i still use it until a few weeks in flower. i run 100%...
  20. Str8Dank

    how to fight mites in 5 week of bud ,,

    1ts of dried lavender flowers per cup of water, steep 24-48 hours filter and spray. Organic pesticide that I believe is fine to use late in flower.You can buy dried lavender flowers at a health food store. I bought enough before to make 1/2 gal spray able for about $4.
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