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    some lost Darkside..

    it's not personal winner is still alive and i also have some seeds left..needed a little break from her but gonna flower out darkside #4 (i think that's the one dsx dubbed rasta pheno) soon again.. she will turn purple in summer too..but way more pronounced in cooler temps...
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    :icon_cookie: great i know how to cure my mj properly! cmon burmaberry heads..shoot him a email..LOL were/are you that stoned? :kiss
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    99 Seedballons - Legalize mission germany

    sweet :yes says "no plant is illegal" at some point in the video..that's the big slogan of the hb-crew.. :rasta:
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    Tropical Winter Grow Start to Finish

    nice thread man :yes i really enjoyed your pics..they put me in a relaxed mood and stimulated my thoughts.. :rasta:
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    PH problems DWC

    general hydroponics ph-down is said to keep the ph stable a bit longer than average..maybe give it a try.. :rasta:
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    Drying Giesel and Urkel

    hey bf :hi when did you chop the giesel? harvested my giesel at 65 days..i think it's easy to grow..had some faster dried popcorn nugs rolled to a spliff alrleady..i like the taste a lot..reminds me of the sour diesel ibl cut i have with a little skunky spiciness it's already...
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    Birds Nepal Highland

    sweet update bird :yes glad some survived the flooding.. how far is flower progression at this time? when you think they'll be ready? wish you good luck with this interesting soon :rasta:
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    Tahoe Og from seed..

    hey cool :hi you never stop popping eh? wish you good luck with these beans..keep the creep pheno for me..i predict it's gonna be bomb..i feel it..:giggle
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    hey.. you would water/flush with more runoff when you have a salt buildup in the medium during the grow..but for final flush it's ok to flush with less runoff or no runoff at all..depends on your medium and you can start earlier with giving them ph'd water only without any...
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    pure Rif Landrace

    i think molokai frost is a mota his early days also elite offered it along with lots of other mota strains but that was when all his strains were more affordable.. only heard good things about herbaria..personally only have experience with the bushman..i think owl seeds were good...
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    pure Rif Landrace

    herbaria seeds..sounds like you're around the corner.. their bushman cut is still available here..pretty fine herb..very good for outdoor too.. whish you good luck with the rif landrace..hope it turns out cool.. :rasta:
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    pics of flowers and gardens and mj oh my!

    i really enjoyed looking at all this colorful pics..nature is beautiful..:sun2:
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    anyone live near a Nespresso Boutique Bar?

    next nespresso addict dropping in..need my morning cups daily to get my slow brain running.. thanks for the nexpod link..looks interesting..allthough i like some of the nespresso offerings but the nestle group is a bastard.. boutique within reach..
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    Berlin Coffeeshops?

    i can confirm that berlin is VERY tolerant towards weed..but that is really not the case in whole germany..bavaria is said to be the most strict..
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    interesting scene rls..

    okey dokey farmers...long time no update here..trying to light it up again..:smiley_joint: just finished watching this really really good documentary.. The.Union.-.The.Business.Of.Getting.High-ANONYMOUS for more info, trailer, etc. check the website i can nothing but recommend it to...
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    Birds Nepal Highland

    duh..:whew took me a good while to find your thread bird..nice & healthy nepalis you got there..good luck on them..and safe me a little nug once they finished.. :rasta:
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    Vote for winner: Photo of the Month - May 2009

    had to vote for HappyHybridS..soooo many mad macros he put up..:yes
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    new led/cfl grow-growing green

    nice progress since i watched last time.. how about resin production? you notice any difference to classic grow lights?
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    Anybody use General Hydroponics?

    lucas formula..that's what i'm preaching like stupid.. i like gh nutes a lot..crazy thing is..last run i had to stop due to security and wasn't able to flush..after some cure the bud is really not bad..depends also on the strain..the c99 pineappe burns super clean with white ash..not what i can...
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    Nothing But Canna Coco

    thanks for clearing that up 0sWizZle.. yeah irie..basicallay one can say you can't overwater in coco..a good runoff helps to clear or prevents from possible salt buildups in the medium.. i've seen experienced growers only slightly watering their plants in coco without any runoff..they also...
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